What does CTF mean?

CTF means Capture The Flag

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What is the abbreviation for Capture The Flag?

Capture The Flag can be abbreviated as CTF
What does CTF mean? It stands for Capture The Flag
CTF - Capture The Flag in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CTF

7 years of Defcon CTF challenges on one VM for download:

When a #Titanfall2 Producer is chasing you, you better be fast... @FrothyOmen Vs @DKo5 in CTF!

Dear Raven, The world is currently in shambles. You could give us a glimmer of hope by adding CTF into MWR. The choice is yours. -Hitch

EnVy COD secure the 3-1 victory over @OpTicGaming with the 1-0 Fringe CTF win! #CODChamps #BoysInBlue

sad to see CTF go. Felt it was / has always been the best game mode.

Raven, It's me Davis again. I heard there were shovels coming. That's dope. I think CTF would also be fairly dope. Have a good day

JUST IN: CTF says the Liberals' new carbon tax plan will cost the average family another $2,593 per year in taxes by 2022

The TF2 devs... just removed cp_badlands (best comp map ever), and added ctf_turbine (worst comp map ever) to the comp rotation... I...WHAT?

Swept our pool! Was a difficult one. I played terrible that CTF but my boys clutched up. GGs to our pool, onto bracket play!

Dear someone at Raven, I will give you the best hug you have ever gotten in your life if you add CTF into MWR. Best wishes, Davis

More Comments with CTF...

Just watched coL choke 4-1 CTF lead with 90 seconds left...

TK lost Map 3 vs PNDA. Series 2-1 #tKAllDay CTF is next

This CTF between @TeamKaliber & @elevateGG is madness. // #CODXP2016

The #eLevateCOD team takes CTF 3-2 against @FaZeClan! We advance to the Winners` Semifinals GGs! #RedRebellion

BadLion se puso en contacto conmigo para ver si quiero retransmitir el torneo de CTF como caster! No me llama mucho la atencion sinceramente

Man the game is amazing. You do get MELTED and I really really really hope they add CTF... but the game is incredible.

How do you add Kill Confirmed and not CTF? :(

Other than my thrill of working here, my top #Xbox15th memory is epic 5 hour LAN Halo CTF matches in my basement in Oakland. #bloodgulch

@Sender_FN MW3 , I loved it just being CTF and SnD. Maps were all great. You actually had roles. Best SnD game for sure.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does CTF stand for?
CTF stands for "Capture The Flag".
How to abbreviate "Capture The Flag"?
"Capture The Flag" can be abbreviated as CTF.
What is the meaning of CTF abbreviation?
The meaning of CTF abbreviation is "Capture The Flag".
What is CTF abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CTF is "Capture The Flag".
What does CTF mean?
CTF as abbreviation means "Capture The Flag".
What is shorthand of Capture The Flag?
The most common shorthand of "Capture The Flag" is CTF.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CTF in term.