What does LEP mean?

LEP means Light Emitting Polymer

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What is the abbreviation for Light Emitting Polymer?

2 ways to abbreviate Light Emitting Polymer
Light Emitting Polymer can be abbreviated as LEP
Other shorthands for Light Emitting Polymer are: LEPs
What does LEP mean? It stands for Light Emitting Polymer
LEP - Light Emitting Polymer in Scientific & Educational by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having LEP

Ok, INTZ, time to make if out of groups. Do it for LEP.

#LEP > La France distribue-t-elle plus d'aides sociales que les autres pays d'Europe, comme l'affirme Sarkozy ? Non

6 years ago today Gucci Mane pulled his tour bus on Madison & Central to film "Handlin My Business"w/ LEP Bogus Boys

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Bet my bottom dollar ScoMo doesn't know a SEPP from a LEP from a VPA from a hole in the ground. He just knows how to shift blame.

nois da cnb quando o lep esquece de por TP.

Petit bilan de la prestation de N. #Sarkozy hier soir sur France 2 :) #LEP

Macacos velhos de Mundial! Convocamos brTT, LEP e Minerva para dar dicas para a INTZ:

HR: Def Lep, Aerosmith, VH, AC/DC, GnR. Metal: Priest, Sabbath, Slayer, Maiden, Metallica. Megadeth. My take anyway

J-3 #LEP : Arnaud @montebourg, dans les coulisses de notre reportage "Sans Filet" avec @MaryseBurgot. Rdv jeudi !

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Svet ni tako slab, kot se bere na tviterju, in ne tako lep, kot je videti na instagramu. #umotvor #tviterizem

6 MPs 1 Chief Inspector 1 Highways England 1 @WestBerkshire Director Highways 1 LEP rep and @A34Action #Parliament

Tomorrow's LEP front page: Deepdale under siege

Here's how today's @leponline front and back pages look #YourLancashire #pnefc

Tomorrow's LEP front page: Cuts to libraries and children's services approved

On the front page of tomorrow's LEP: Premier PNE as club make bid to build new training ground

Here's tomorrow's LEP front page

@traciglee A3 More outreach needed to #AAPIs, use ethnic media to reach LEP voters, show up & listen to our concerns! #MyAAPIVote

In Sala Colonne sta per cominciare l'incontro fra @ilariacapua e gli #studentiLUISS organizzato da @LEP_OFFICIAL


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What does LEP stand for?
LEP stands for "Light Emitting Polymer".
How to abbreviate "Light Emitting Polymer"?
"Light Emitting Polymer" can be abbreviated as LEP.
What is the meaning of LEP abbreviation?
The meaning of LEP abbreviation is "Light Emitting Polymer".
What is LEP abbreviation?
One of the definitions of LEP is "Light Emitting Polymer".
What does LEP mean?
LEP as abbreviation means "Light Emitting Polymer".
What is shorthand of Light Emitting Polymer?
The most common shorthand of "Light Emitting Polymer" is LEP.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word LEP in term.