What does JAWS mean?

JAWS means Just Another Windows Shell

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What is the abbreviation for Just Another Windows Shell?

Just Another Windows Shell can be abbreviated as JAWS
What does JAWS mean? It stands for Just Another Windows Shell
JAWS - Just Another Windows Shell in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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What does JAWS stand for?
JAWS stands for "Just Another Windows Shell".
How to abbreviate "Just Another Windows Shell"?
"Just Another Windows Shell" can be abbreviated as JAWS.
What is the meaning of JAWS abbreviation?
The meaning of JAWS abbreviation is "Just Another Windows Shell".
What is JAWS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of JAWS is "Just Another Windows Shell".
What does JAWS mean?
JAWS as abbreviation means "Just Another Windows Shell".
What is shorthand of Just Another Windows Shell?
The most common shorthand of "Just Another Windows Shell" is JAWS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word JAWS in term.