What does TXS mean?

TXS means Thanks

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for Thanks?

Thanks can be abbreviated as TXS
Other shorthands for Thanks are: thxx, THX, 10X, TX, TKS, tnxz, TNX, THNX, TKX, THKS, TFT, Thanx, FNX, CHEERS, TA
What does TXS mean? It stands for Thanks
TXS - Thanks in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having TXS

Very well explains d science of consecration. Why in old times every street had a place of worship. Txs @SadhguruJV

Will focus. Asked for presentation on 29 th of this month. And see what needs to be done on priority. Txs.

Forwarding your request to Transport Commissioner as also on our Whatsapp group..Keep in contact. Txs.

Superb idea. Will examine this. Txs. #Prosperouspuducherry

My brother from a diff mother rocking a @OneBadSon tea. Still txs for tnite @CreativeKidsSK Capital Music hall 9 pm

My secret weapon. TXS coming soon. Division1 #TTLO

Understanding how autoinflammatory diseases are similar&diff has led to life-saving&health-preserving Txs #NIHImpact

T1 @POTUS launched #PrecisionMedicine Initiative to revolutionize health&tailor Txs to you instead of treating based on averages #CureChat

@buzzindelhi Txs

#NIH funds helped identify molecular pathways underlying pulmonary hypertension &enabled research community to develop new Txs #NIHImpact

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A4:Minority groups have differing disease risks and responses to therapies. #MinorityResearch helps find better Txs for minority groups

Trial that assessed 4 artemisinin-based txs in preg women w malaria in sub-Saharan Africa found high success rates

Solar Eclipse as was visible in some South East Asian countries. Got them from @BBCWorld @BBCBreaking Txs. Enjoy.

Beyond Thrilled @EmpireStateBldg is lit MAGENTA #HeForShe right now. Txs @EmWatson @Chirlane #ArtsWeek #IWD2016

Are artemisinin-based txs efficacious and safe for pregnant women? New studies summarized in Quick Take video:

Still recovering from an amazing weekend. Txs Austin for being such a great audience! #DontBreathe

Super excited to announce @JustinTrudeau as #HeForShe Champion. Txs PM for ur support! @EmWatson

#NIHImpact @IRPatNIH revolutionized understanding of how nerve cells communicate, leading to new depression&anxiety Txs&1970 #NobelPrize

Lots achieved for education in emergencies achieved @WHSummit txs to Gordon Brown. Txs Gordon! #ShareHumanity


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does TXS stand for?
TXS stands for "Thanks".
How to abbreviate "Thanks"?
"Thanks" can be abbreviated as TXS.
What is the meaning of TXS abbreviation?
The meaning of TXS abbreviation is "Thanks".
What is TXS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of TXS is "Thanks".
What does TXS mean?
TXS as abbreviation means "Thanks".
What is shorthand of Thanks?
The most common shorthand of "Thanks" is TXS.