What does fanks mean?

fanks means thanks

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for thanks?

thanks can be abbreviated as fanks
Other shorthands for thanks are: thxx, THX, TXS, 10X, TX, TKS, TNX, tnxz, THNX, TKX, THKS, TFT, Thanx, FNX, CHEERS, TA
What does fanks mean? It stands for thanks
What does fanks mean? - Definition of fanks - fanks stands for thanks. By AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having fanks

Love you! Fanks for watching this series. I've loved it, hope you have too. Back at Christmas with more juice and Keyhole!!! Big ya chest! X

@CaptainSparklez fanks m8

Here go! Last ep of the series. An hour long tonight! It's been a fun series fanks for watching. On now!

I look SO bad but this is too mad not to post !!! fanks for making one of my fav albums ever x @thebottlemen

To @hollywills @Fearnecotton @Ginofantastico fanks for a great series. Absolutely love you t' core. Till next time! Big cheers! Respec

And of course big fanks to @hollywills @Fearnecotton @Ginofantastico for a banging series and obvs the legend @lemontwittor #CelebJuice

aww fanks babe

Got till 11pm tonight to vote! Best presenter and entertainment show! big up ya chest fanks for representing! Peace!

"And now, here to say fanks, Adele." #bbmas

Congrats! @Damiansamuals fanks fur avin me

More Comments with fanks...

Vice UK rejects union recognition in its work place, boss signs off email telling staff of decision with "fanks".

Holly, General zod, Billy from Gremlins! Top bloke! Fanks for coming on @zwgman

Had the most amazing dinner 2nite and the service was on point cough cough "mat" fanks again @Turtlebayuk Vhappy boy

Last one from @adonmagazine by @josephsinclair Fanks fur avin me inur magzine

Have now you belter! Fanks!!

Big cheers for all involved in our first ever live juice last night. Fanks for watching it's great to be back!

"Yes, hi, I'll take one small treat for me." #fanks #whatahoot via

VICE's European chief refusing demands for unionisation, then signing off the email 'fanks' is the most 2016 thing yet to happen.

Longest journey ever getting back from t' airport. Anyway big cheers t' keyhole team and the US crew. Oh and fanks t' home owners!


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does fanks stand for?
fanks stands for "thanks".
How to abbreviate "thanks"?
"thanks" can be abbreviated as fanks.
What is the meaning of fanks abbreviation?
The meaning of fanks abbreviation is "thanks".
What is fanks abbreviation?
One of the definitions of fanks is "thanks".
What does fanks mean?
fanks as abbreviation means "thanks".
What is shorthand of thanks?
The most common shorthand of "thanks" is fanks.