What does AAM mean?

AAM means As A Matter Of Fact.

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for As A Matter Of Fact.?

As A Matter Of Fact. can be abbreviated as AAM
Other shorthands for As A Matter Of Fact. are: AAMOF, AMOF, AAF, ASAMOF
What does AAM mean? It stands for As A Matter Of Fact.
AAM - As A Matter Of Fact. in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having AAM

Actually, Modi ji has declared a war on the people of India. It is Modi vs Aam Admi

Yday, met aam admis in queue: most looked harassed; today, met netas in Parliament: all smiling! Yeh hai India!

.@ArvindKejriwal attacking #DeMonetisation not out of love for aam aadmi but out of hate for Modi

I think it is completely deplorable that the Delhi Police are treating the CM of Delhi like he is an Aam Aadmi.

Kejriwal speaking like a normal AAPtard - someone with no logic and spreading rumour. #Respect Real aam aadmi

Kejriwal Ji, Stop wasting Time, Money & Trust of people of Delhi to fulfil your not so "Aam Aadmi" dreams. #WakeUpKejriwal

watch @ravishndtv on the streets with the aam aadmi. you got to watch this take on #DeMonetisation

News Today: big fat Reddy wedding vs honest citizens : VIP mast, Aam aadmi trast? Who will rein in political funding? 8.40 pm @IndiaToday tv

Cronies rule, while the "Aam Aadmi" is called a terrorist black money holder by Modi! #DeMonetisation

Happy Diwali. Where super rich people get 10,000-wala; rich people get 1,000-wala. And we Aam Aadmis get Kejriwala.

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I expressed surprise on special session of assembly on Tuesday by Aam Aadmi Party.Special session a fraud by Kejriwal to save the corrupt

If demonetisation is 'surgical strike', the real 'martyrs' are the aam aadmi. Read why

Kirti Azad's wife Poonam to join Aam Aadmi Party on Nov 13 VIDEO:


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What does AAM stand for?
AAM stands for "As A Matter Of Fact.".
How to abbreviate "As A Matter Of Fact."?
"As A Matter Of Fact." can be abbreviated as AAM.
What is the meaning of AAM abbreviation?
The meaning of AAM abbreviation is "As A Matter Of Fact.".
What is AAM abbreviation?
One of the definitions of AAM is "As A Matter Of Fact.".
What does AAM mean?
AAM as abbreviation means "As A Matter Of Fact.".
What is shorthand of As A Matter Of Fact.?
The most common shorthand of "As A Matter Of Fact." is AAM.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word AAM in term.