What does SDK mean?

SDK means Software Developer's Kit

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What is the abbreviation for Software Developer's Kit?

2 ways to abbreviate Software Developer's Kit
Software Developer's Kit can be abbreviated as SDK
Other shorthands for Software Developer's Kit are: SDKS
What does SDK mean? It stands for Software Developer`s Kit
SDK - Software Developer`s Kit in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having SDK

The dev preview for @Android 7.1 Nougat is available today! Get the updated SDK & tools to start testing your apps:

Zed: Android SDK that gets you paid every time you push a notification

Last year SDK had 225,000 subscribers and this year we have 220,000 MANDELA EFFECT IS REAL

PayPal for iOS updated with Siri SDK integration, send and request money using your voice

First & foremost, SDK are amazing guys and I will NEVER leave but I also never want to hold them back from making great content & having fun

So a lot of you have been asking SDK related things like "where's Jonah?" "did he break up with SDK?" "Is he seeing another channel?" (cont)

Deep dive into the SDK for JavaScript with an expanded & updated Developer Guide:

@Settledownkids can I finally join sdk or.... ???

#Couchbase is happy to announce an update of #dotnet #sdk v2.3.8. Available now: #NoSQL

Update just released #java #sdk v2.3.4. Available for download now: #N1QL #NoSQL #Couchbase

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The new #Intel Authenticate SDK was built from the ground up to protect modern business:

ORDER BY and TOP queries now available in the new #Azure #DocumentDB #Java SDK:

Check out #Azure #DocumentDB APIs and SDKs! Get started:

#Azure #DocumentDB announces updates to all 4 of its client-side SDKs, including support for #Python 3.

Learn about the new #GoogleCast SDK for iOS:

Interested in #coding for drones? Take the first steps with DJI's SDK on @Ch9:

How we designed our #analytics SDK to be more energy-efficient

Google's Daydream-ready VR SDK exits beta with native Unity, UE4 support

This is what Oculus Avatars look like - it's launching an SDK so you can be "yourself" in any game #oc3


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What does SDK stand for?
SDK stands for "Software Developer's Kit".
How to abbreviate "Software Developer's Kit"?
"Software Developer's Kit" can be abbreviated as SDK.
What is the meaning of SDK abbreviation?
The meaning of SDK abbreviation is "Software Developer's Kit".
What is SDK abbreviation?
One of the definitions of SDK is "Software Developer's Kit".
What does SDK mean?
SDK as abbreviation means "Software Developer's Kit".
What is shorthand of Software Developer's Kit?
The most common shorthand of "Software Developer's Kit" is SDK.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word SDK in term.