What does NT mean?

NT means No Text

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What is the abbreviation for No Text?

No Text can be abbreviated as NT
Other shorthands for No Text are: NTXT
What does NT mean? It stands for No Text
NT - No Text in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having NT

This is'nt the internet (instagram/badjokeben)

Jose: I should be nice to Wenger Inner Jose: Carry on being a c*nt it's funny

Jain Saab u r the only Aapturd who is nt filthy n abusive so thx n I am only promoting the message not the picture !

Gm.a request dis Mrng shook me up.hv u eva wndered hw physically challengd ppl use public toilets.its a sad sight.nt 1 is user friendly 4 em

Pending cases in courts shld'nt B discussed in media. We shld leave Panama case 2 the Supreme Court & all parties shld accept it's decision

Specially at a time whn its nt generting oprting cash surpls to service existing debt or to mk adquate provisin 4 Depreciation Reserve Fund

Today's @HoustonTexans inactives: 5- QB Weeden 11- WR Strong 15- WR Fuller V 21- CB Bouye 41- RB Grimes 52- ILB Peters 75- NT Wilfork

Center govt seems apathetic towards public inconvenience caused by their demonetization policy.Govt is nt meant to discomfort people's lives

Spent day working at @nationaltrust farms delivering tups All encouraged me to speak up... all feel too intimidated as NT tenants to speak

I regret voting fr Modi. India's GDP growth estimate fr2016-17 dwn to 3.5% frm 6.8%. Black money nt finished, India finished #demonetisation

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Estamos al aireeee! @SportsCenter_nt en #viernesdenotopten :)

.@dhaval241086 This happens when @INCIndia spokie fakes a MBA degree,does'nt know difference between Loan write off&NPA #LowSelfEsteem huh?

.@HoustonTexans NT @raviddeader's 8-yard sack of #Jaguars QB Blake Bortles is the first of his career and the #Texans first today.

Agusta was nt the only activity I have done. have assisted pro bono in many cases in real lofe. I request each 1 to do more. Make India gr8

Rmember this is a long race nt a sprint. Not the result/start we wanted but Costa Rica up nxt to get a gd result. No 1 said it would b easy!

A piece of NT history linked to the land rights movement is set to be immortalised in the National Museum of Aust:

There's a Trent bridge feel to this australian innings....and they have'nt bowled a Jaffa yet...

This suffering is for 50 days; After cleanliness, nt even a mosquito can fly; Ppl in #2Gscam hv to stand in queue for Rs 4000: @narendramodi

Modiji only believes in a monologue. Ever since he has become @PMOIndia nt seen him engaging in a dialogue. It's only one way! @narendramodi


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What does NT stand for?
NT stands for "No Text".
How to abbreviate "No Text"?
"No Text" can be abbreviated as NT.
What is the meaning of NT abbreviation?
The meaning of NT abbreviation is "No Text".
What is NT abbreviation?
One of the definitions of NT is "No Text".
What does NT mean?
NT as abbreviation means "No Text".
What is shorthand of No Text?
The most common shorthand of "No Text" is NT.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word NT in term.