What does GE mean?

GE means Gone Elsewhere

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What is the abbreviation for Gone Elsewhere?

Gone Elsewhere can be abbreviated as GE
What does GE mean? It stands for Gone Elsewhere
GE - Gone Elsewhere in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having GE

Think about this. If GE turnout looks anything like Primary turnout, every poll Trump now trails or ties he wins easily. That's the reality.

Think about this. The Democrat 2016 Primary turned out 7 MILLION fewer voters than 2008, yet pollsters are sampling 50% HIGHER GE turnout.

In Millsville, NH, voters who opposed Trump in the Primaries came home in the GE.

The real question is, will an America that voted R+1 in the Primaries with half the Democrats now hating Hillary, really vote D+8 in the GE?

Republican Primary turnout exceeded 2012 by over 60% yet pollsters are now sampling lower R GE turnout than 2012.

So how exactly do Democrats experience one of their weakest Primary turnouts yet expect far and away their greatest GE turnout?

The Primary turnout was R+1, why the hell would the GE by D+12?

1st Lady adhi alhugandu ge ethah ekuverinnehge mammaafulhu, Kandoodhooge Aishadidi avahaaravumuge hithamaige aaila ah thauziya dhannavan.

Majbooru vegen namaves jalsaa ah vadai gennevi PPM ge lobuvethi menbarunnah mar'habaa. Saabithuve thibbavaa!

Question. If the electorate really is D+8, why was the Primary turnout R+1? In 2008, the Primary turnout was D+8 and the GE was D+7.

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#MSFT CEO @satyanadella + GE CEO @JeffImmelt announced a partnership at #WPC16. Learn more

"He is destined to become a huge part of our team" @CPFC sign James Tomkins from West Ham:

PPM ge 5 vana Aharee adhuvahuge thahniyaa Party ge enmmhaa membarunnah Aris Kuran.

These are all politicians backed by your favorite corporate #brands like GE and Taco Bell. Not some KKK conspiracy:

Tareekh gawah rahay ge, aik aisi jamhooriat thi jis ko #pushups ne hila kar rakh dia.

Empat penuntut UiTM wakili Asia Pasifik ke FDI Moot di Argentina

"Raiiythun ge jeebah vannakolhu hima nikunnakolhu fulhaa budget eh" @aliaazim

Dhunya Maumoon ge ninmevumah MUO in Marhaba kiyan. Miadhu ge sarukaaruge misraabu goas. Adhi dhivehinnah ummeedhu othee qaumu iskohgen.

New Zealand digegar gempa kuat 7.5 skala Richter


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does GE stand for?
GE stands for "Gone Elsewhere".
How to abbreviate "Gone Elsewhere"?
"Gone Elsewhere" can be abbreviated as GE.
What is the meaning of GE abbreviation?
The meaning of GE abbreviation is "Gone Elsewhere".
What is GE abbreviation?
One of the definitions of GE is "Gone Elsewhere".
What does GE mean?
GE as abbreviation means "Gone Elsewhere".
What is shorthand of Gone Elsewhere?
The most common shorthand of "Gone Elsewhere" is GE.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word GE in term.