What does FTA mean?

FTA means First Time At ....

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What is the abbreviation for First Time At ....?

First Time At .... can be abbreviated as FTA
Other shorthands for First Time At .... are: FTNR, FTBU, FTQ, FTY, FTC, FTSO, FTFE, FTC, FTE, FTR, FTJOP, FTIC, FTPR, FTIAC, FTR, FTT, FTV, FTP, FTO, FTFTF, FTMHB, FTW, FTIM, FTIH, FTFR, FTBP, FTS, FTTOR, FTA, FTOW, FT, FTR, FTFY, fthb, FTHB, FTOP, FTB, FTTO, FTA, FTM, ftft, FTHP, FTBI, ftv, FTM, FTV, FTB, FTFM, FTHHP, FTHAP, FTF, ftm, FTPP, FTF, FTH, FTAE, ftbs, ftc, FTB, FTC, FTE, FTF, FTS, FTs, ftr, FTGC, fto, FTD, fhp, FTU, fte, FTE, yft, fth, FTU, fth, ftf
What does FTA mean? It stands for First Time At ....
FTA - First Time At .... in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having FTA

Congratulations! So, globalisation isn't going into reverse. Turkey is seeking a similar FTA with Canada...

Successful meeting with French President @FHollande who is very positive about a NZ-EU FTA and @Helen4SG's UN bid.

Is #freetrade really working? Our FTA with Thailand has sent thousands of cars this way, only 5 from here to Thailand. All models. #insiders

Upgrading ASEAN-China FTA crucial to boost trade, investment exchanges: Cambodian experts

China to work with Peru to push forward major bilateral projects, start talks on #FTA: Wang

You beauty! #Wallabies' Spring Tour Tests against France & England will be shown on FTA with @SBS! #StrongerAsOne

Trade council meeting today. Will be signing FTA with Ecuador. Also discussions on state of play of other agreements, WTO and trade defence.

Brexit: 1) UK most likely out of customs union 2) work permits 3) FTA take >2 yrs so question is interim: WTO or transitional arrangement?

.@FTA_DOT marks one year of #safety oversight of @wmata

Under environmental chapter of U.S.-Morocco FTA, USA and Morocco began working together to improve natural resource management #COP22

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We instruct negotiators to accelerate EU-Japan EPA/FTA talks to reach agreement asap in 2016

Read the Joint Statement on the Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)/FTA #IseShima

LeBron taking 19/26 shots in RA 1st 2 games, plus 10.5 FTA/game. Great aggressiveness, but also bad Raps D.

James Harden: 0 FTA. He had gone 148 straight games (incl. playoffs) with at least 1 FTA, since Jan. 2, 2015, at Pelicans

U.S. goods #exports to our 20 free trade agreement partner countries have grown by 64% since 2009. #FTA #infographic

Rockets' James Harden had 0 FTA for the first time in a playoff game since Game 1 of the 2012 Finals between the Thunder and Heat

.@Isaiah_Thomas 1 of 3 players (Westbrook, Harden) w/500 FTA + 500 Ast MORE:

#MakeInIndia and job creation to pave the way to FTA agreements. Here's more! @nsitharaman

This is the point on trade. We do not have FTA now, free trade increases growth & Obama says won't happen! Illogical


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does FTA stand for?
FTA stands for "First Time At ....".
How to abbreviate "First Time At ...."?
"First Time At ...." can be abbreviated as FTA.
What is the meaning of FTA abbreviation?
The meaning of FTA abbreviation is "First Time At ....".
What is FTA abbreviation?
One of the definitions of FTA is "First Time At ....".
What does FTA mean?
FTA as abbreviation means "First Time At ....".
What is shorthand of First Time At ....?
The most common shorthand of "First Time At ...." is FTA.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word FTA in term.