What does EB mean?

EB means European Boy

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What is the abbreviation for European Boy?

European Boy can be abbreviated as EB
What does EB mean? It stands for European Boy
EB - European Boy in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having EB

1 .@JustinTrudeau's #electoralreform comments in @LeDevoir are outrageous & transparently self-serving. Let me explain #ERRE #cdnpoli /eb

"@IshmaelFlakes @noobde I love canaries. Don't you? EB: Only black ones....and Adams! ;)

"@That1Duude3 @noobde do you think we could possibly see a Godspeed costume for The Flash? :) EB: LOVE that costume!

19. But now PM is suggesting ppl got election result they wanted so no longer strong push for change. Think about that. #ERRE #cdnpoli /eb

"@GoSpeedGamer @noobde PLEASE give us a Bizarro Skin for Superman!! Is that 2much 2ask for? That's reasonable

"@hatinthecat101 @noobde Could we be seeing Shazam in the next game? Come on now... that's SPIDERMAN !!

6. Then set up process to deliver promise, w/ #ERRE seats allotted proportionally as per popular vote #cdnpoli /eb

11. PR rec. is consistent w/ all previous studies & commissions, w/ calls for proportional system #ERRE #cdnpoli /eb

"@UnitLK52O @noobde Announce Starfire! EB: Starfire!

"@Yammanzz @noobde just release the game ??? EB: Oh.....ok! *looking for the RELEASE key on my keyboard.*

More Comments with EB...

"@AciidAtol2 @noobde do you feel you made a lot of fans happy with the characters added in injustice 2 EB: We've got some GREAT ones coming

"@RohanGrande @noobde please don't forget about Cat woman EB: We shan't !!

"@Hopjones00 @noobde are we gonna get a new update about characters in injustice 2 EB: Yes, but not today.

"@ScorpioLegends @noobde What about Johnny Cage? Wait, it's too early to be discussing MK cameos is it? EB: He'd be a great guest character!

"@Everard77125553 @noobde please can u add amazo #injustice2 EB:AmazNo

"@KostasFoto2 @noobde Mr Boon , is it our Fate to know about the Doctor? EB: Doctor my eyes have seen the years, & the slow parade of fears

"@Kenny_Kenn_Kenn @noobde I still feel like you should add more characters to #MortalKombatX like all the terminators.. EB: Arnold or bust!

#MAtraffic update: Rte 2 EB, E of x.32 in #Leominster, only middle of two lanes open. Heavy delays.

A tree came down on EB 520 blocking 3 lanes. Workers are cleaning it up. @KIRO7Seattle #wawx


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does EB stand for?
EB stands for "European Boy".
How to abbreviate "European Boy"?
"European Boy" can be abbreviated as EB.
What is the meaning of EB abbreviation?
The meaning of EB abbreviation is "European Boy".
What is EB abbreviation?
One of the definitions of EB is "European Boy".
What does EB mean?
EB as abbreviation means "European Boy".
What is shorthand of European Boy?
The most common shorthand of "European Boy" is EB.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word EB in term.