What does DLT mean?

DLT means Display Launcher Thingamajigs

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What is the abbreviation for Display Launcher Thingamajigs?

Display Launcher Thingamajigs can be abbreviated as DLT
What does DLT mean? It stands for Display Launcher Thingamajigs
DLT - Display Launcher Thingamajigs in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DLT


Macet macet :(huft padahal rumah nya udh dlt tapiii~

Dengar wields the DLT-19, making him the only heavy blaster hero so far:

No Stormtrooper helmet is safe when @M4NYBOTH4NSDIED has the DLT-19X in their hand.

On this day 20 years ago the single "Chains" by DLT featuring Che-Fu was first released. #Classic @chefumnzm

Stuck in #Charlotte on @Delta trying to get home to #OKC. Hope @Delta rebooks wife Jan & I. DLT 2597 grounded.

Official DLT Solutions Postgame Show is LIVE with @JacksonSports & @Fsmoot21SeanT! Taking your calls NOW @ 301-230-0980

Not sure if the DLT-19X is worth your credits? @OTAKU_YOUTUBE gives a full review of the powerful blaster:

Which of these weapons have you blasted the most enemies with? RT for the DLT-19x LIKE for the DL-18

What's your go-to blaster from the latest update? RT for the DLT-19x LIKE for the DL-18

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ICYMI: "The timing for this is perfect. @RI_DLT estimates there will be 4k openings for #CS jobs in 2022" #CS4RI


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What does DLT stand for?
DLT stands for "Display Launcher Thingamajigs".
How to abbreviate "Display Launcher Thingamajigs"?
"Display Launcher Thingamajigs" can be abbreviated as DLT.
What is the meaning of DLT abbreviation?
The meaning of DLT abbreviation is "Display Launcher Thingamajigs".
What is DLT abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DLT is "Display Launcher Thingamajigs".
What does DLT mean?
DLT as abbreviation means "Display Launcher Thingamajigs".
What is shorthand of Display Launcher Thingamajigs?
The most common shorthand of "Display Launcher Thingamajigs" is DLT.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DLT in term.