What does DICK mean?

DICK means Date. Insert. Cum. Kiss

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What is the abbreviation for Date. Insert. Cum. Kiss?

Date. Insert. Cum. Kiss can be abbreviated as DICK
What does DICK mean? It stands for Date. Insert. Cum. Kiss
DICK - Date. Insert. Cum. Kiss in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DICK

Please stop asking me to "dick you down," you're 53 and this is a denny's

Just in; Jai is dying his hair blue and growing his dick so he can be just like me X

"This is our first time alone together so Ima be Respectful" "Pull your Dick Out"

at this point unless nick jonas is gonna show us his dick what are we all even doing here

His dick taste like hamburger helper

We're 10 minutes in and we've only discussed Trump's dick and Bill Clinton's dick. America's in good shape. #debate

why does my ex hate me is it because i told the group text his dick looks like an earthworm

"I think he's a combination of John Elway when he came up and Brett Favre." - Dick Vermeil on Carson Wentz

Wow! Study Finds That You Can Vote For Hillary And Keep Your Dick:

Humility is an art form apparently. I'll admit my flaws to you all day, but it seems people like to associate that with being a total dick.

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Former major league pitcher/outfielder Dick Burns died on this day in 1937. His death was not gonorrhea related.

Chris Hero vs Dick Togo is signed for EVOLVE 74 on Dec. 10th in Queens, NY at La Boom! Ticket info coming soon.

Tom Cotton would probably crank it to the first half of ZERO DARK THIRTY if he didn't believe touching your own dick makes you gay

@KEEMSTAR Always a treat. :) If that was urine, dude might wanna get his dick checked out lmfaooo

Perhaps the most condescending fellow guest I've encountered since Dick Armey: via @crooksandliars

This means I want some dick

(425): Going to give your dick a friendship bracelet.

...but congress decided Weiners dick pix were a greater national security threat. More as the story develops

619): I'm a stupid stupid woman who is totally going to rock this holiday season dick drunk on that Ginger


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What does DICK stand for?
DICK stands for "Date. Insert. Cum. Kiss".
How to abbreviate "Date. Insert. Cum. Kiss"?
"Date. Insert. Cum. Kiss" can be abbreviated as DICK.
What is the meaning of DICK abbreviation?
The meaning of DICK abbreviation is "Date. Insert. Cum. Kiss".
What is DICK abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DICK is "Date. Insert. Cum. Kiss".
What does DICK mean?
DICK as abbreviation means "Date. Insert. Cum. Kiss".
What is shorthand of Date. Insert. Cum. Kiss?
The most common shorthand of "Date. Insert. Cum. Kiss" is DICK.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DICK in term.