What does CBA mean?

CBA means Cannot Be Angry

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What is the abbreviation for Cannot Be Angry?

Cannot Be Angry can be abbreviated as CBA
What does CBA mean? It stands for Cannot Be Angry
CBA - Cannot Be Angry in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CBA

Wouldn't mind one of these for when i'm shouting my mum from my bed cos I cba to go downstairs

Donald Fehr confirms that he's started speaking with players about NHL's offer to go to the Olympics in exchange for extending CBA.

NHL willing to sign off on Olympic participation in exchange for extending current CBA but not sure how appealing that will be to players...

Oilers players cancel CBA mandated day off tomorrow to practice because their coach is upset. Not surprising when your captain is 19 y/o.

To clarify: Deflategate was long past being about deflated footballs. This is long past being about PEDs. NFL imposing broad CBA powers.

The NFL beating Tom Brady & now Adrian Peterson in court is about judges not willing to recognize protections that aren't stated in the CBA.

The new CBA may reshape basketball. @Rachel__Nichols has all the details:

The NHL's proposal to the PA also includes 2020 World Cup of Hockey. If players agree to extend CBA by 3 yrs, World Cup is safe.

A 10.2(c) player refers to CBA clause that says players with less than three years' pro experience have zero rights, can't get offer sheet.

#NHLPA's Don Fehr did not deny report #NHL has tabled an offer to participate in 2018 Olympics in exchange for pushing back end date of CBA.

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Why some agents have serious concerns about baseball's next CBA. Story:...

Why @MLB trade talks heavy on starting pitchers? Big names available, light SP free-agent market, slow pace of FA market overall due to CBA.

NHL's offer of CBA-for-Olympics a hollow one to players

Interesting how little attention seems to be paid to MLB collective bargaining as compared to NBA, yet MLB CBA expires in 2 weeks

Some of the banks involved in the NYS scam are Faulu, CBA, Family, Sidian etc. See why @NjorogeP is not confident? #ResignNjoroge

Clubs maintain this is one of few times CBA gives them leverage over player; RFAs only leverage outside of offer sheet is to not play.

NHL doesn't view Coyotes' use of cap space as major CBA loophole.

The Angels beat Oakland, 8-6. They are 72-87 and on pace to pick 10th in the 2017 MLB draft, the last protected pick under the current CBA.

The folding of mighty #BlackBerry should offer @CBA_Group_ and @KCBGroup some lessons in humility #BankingOnConfusion


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does CBA stand for?
CBA stands for "Cannot Be Angry".
How to abbreviate "Cannot Be Angry"?
"Cannot Be Angry" can be abbreviated as CBA.
What is the meaning of CBA abbreviation?
The meaning of CBA abbreviation is "Cannot Be Angry".
What is CBA abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CBA is "Cannot Be Angry".
What does CBA mean?
CBA as abbreviation means "Cannot Be Angry".
What is shorthand of Cannot Be Angry?
The most common shorthand of "Cannot Be Angry" is CBA.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CBA in term.

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