What does BCS mean?

BCS means Big Crock of Stuff

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What is the abbreviation for Big Crock of Stuff?

Big Crock of Stuff can be abbreviated as BCS
What does BCS mean? It stands for Big Crock of Stuff
BCS - Big Crock of Stuff in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BCS

Banks advised to increase withdrawal limit from BCs to Rs. 2500, exchange limit over the counter increased to Rs. 4500 from 4000... 1/3

Basically... College Football went from a BCS system with a real formula to a human controlled popularity contest. Well done

(2) usai mencuri 3 poin kala melewati laga melawan Kalteng Putra FC dengan skor 5-1. Mana suaranya pendukung PSS Sleman! #PSS #Sleman #BCS

...Banks and Post Offices to ensure the last mile distribution is done through mobile banking vans and Banking Correspondents(BCs)... 2/2

Spoke to industrialist, his goods are stranded bcs petty bribes demanded in new notes. Says snr babus not a prob bcs they're accepting gold!

They never expected @ArvindKejriwal to sack the minister within half-an-hour bcs their PM & CMs would never have.

Network of 1.2 lakh BCs &1.3 lakh branch Post Offices will be further activated in rural areas to disburse cash & facilitate withdrawals.

"A/c to @worldbank's South Asia's Turn Report, India is providing strong growth to the world's economy bcs of #MakeInIndia"- Anthony JC Desa

Someone told me "follow the money!". 'N i've seen ppl who really follow money. I've chosen diff path bcs God show me better. #storyofmylife

Here's Corso's pick from that game, which BGSU won ending NIU's BCS hopes

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The last time Arkansas beat No. 1 it was LSU in 2007 (50-48 in 3 OT) on the day after Thanksgiving. That LSU team won the BCS NC.

EN DIRECTO en #Periscope: XLV Asamblea General de la @fmopdh desde #BCS @cmendozadavis

If more GOPers were planning to ditch Trump bcs of "p---y", why wld the debate change that? #hypocrites

Arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari new FIR MoF still not clearing case against @htTweets editor who made 500 calls & took money! Bcs Cheerleader?

Some media houses have the KQ Forensic Audit Report but it is not being felt bcs most of them lied KQ was healthy ... #ArrestKQThieves

well, the story starts with cal playing southern miss too much. then mack begged like otis redding for a bcs bid.

Mailbag: Saturday's upsets would have turned the BCS race on its head. They barely dented the CFP. Worthy tradeoff?

Remember the 2012 BCS title game?

Desde #BCS les traemos la portada de el @ElSudcalif


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does BCS stand for?
BCS stands for "Big Crock of Stuff".
How to abbreviate "Big Crock of Stuff"?
"Big Crock of Stuff" can be abbreviated as BCS.
What is the meaning of BCS abbreviation?
The meaning of BCS abbreviation is "Big Crock of Stuff".
What is BCS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BCS is "Big Crock of Stuff".
What does BCS mean?
BCS as abbreviation means "Big Crock of Stuff".
What is shorthand of Big Crock of Stuff?
The most common shorthand of "Big Crock of Stuff" is BCS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BCS in term.