What does ALF mean?

ALF means Amiga Loads Faster

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What is the abbreviation for Amiga Loads Faster?

Amiga Loads Faster can be abbreviated as ALF
What does ALF mean? It stands for Amiga Loads Faster
ALF - Amiga Loads Faster in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having ALF

Last time RNC was in Cleveland was 1936 - picked Alf Landon. DNC was in Philly that year, too. FDR crushed Landon: 523 to 8 electoral votes.

Due to Alf's untimely death, I am thrilled to announce that the beehive from My Girl will now be speaking at the RNC.

I've finally found a puppet I hate more than ALF

Haydi far7etna l kbiri Allah ywaff2ik ya 3arousit l 7ob W tkoun 7ayetik mrachrachi bel ward Alf mabrouk @wardelkhal

Olivier Giroud reveals his biggest childhood fear in #NLD programme. And it was... Alf.

1 - Alf Ramsey is the only full-time manager to lose his 1st game in charge of England (v France, Feb 1963). Jules.

The home of @England: @StGeorgesPark, Sir Alf Ramsey Way.

Games played by Wolves strikers in 2016 (Siggy, Alf, Mason, Bod and Dicko): 77 Goals scored: 8 #lambertspriority

Kayleigh McEnany is quoting Rush Limbaugh like it is the 1990's. I wonder what Alf thinks too. #debate

Mr. Robot renewed for third season, ALF not yet confirmed

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Other Trump guests include: Alf Carrot Top Some old hot pockets and Gary Busey's teeth

Long day rehearsing with @AlfieBoe for our @ITV special. Can't wait to show it to the audience. Alf's singing, dancing and bantering is tops


Olivier Giroud opens up about his childhood fear of 1980s television star Alf

Well said Alf Dubs.

13 datos curiosos que todo fan de ALF debe saber

the slap bass was a little heavy in the theme song to alf dot com slash yes

"We're the party of the New Deal" sounds as hollow and distant in 2016 as Alf Landon saying "we're the party of Lincoln" in 1936.

Olivier Giroud was terrified of Alf


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What does ALF stand for?
ALF stands for "Amiga Loads Faster".
How to abbreviate "Amiga Loads Faster"?
"Amiga Loads Faster" can be abbreviated as ALF.
What is the meaning of ALF abbreviation?
The meaning of ALF abbreviation is "Amiga Loads Faster".
What is ALF abbreviation?
One of the definitions of ALF is "Amiga Loads Faster".
What does ALF mean?
ALF as abbreviation means "Amiga Loads Faster".
What is shorthand of Amiga Loads Faster?
The most common shorthand of "Amiga Loads Faster" is ALF.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word ALF in term.