What does CDMA mean?

CDMA means Code Divisionsion Multiple Access

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What is the abbreviation for Code Divisionsion Multiple Access?

Code Divisionsion Multiple Access can be abbreviated as CDMA
What does CDMA mean? It stands for Code Divisionsion Multiple Access
CDMA - Code Divisionsion Multiple Access in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CDMA

iPhone 7 Models From AT&T and T-Mobile Do Not Support CDMA Networks by @rsgnl

In 90 days of offering 4G services to existing CDMA users, @RelianceMobile crossed 1million customers using more than 1GB data monthly: Rcom

#SecDef spoke to Colombian MinDef Villegas during flight to CDMA. Reaffirms US commitment to #Colombia peace process

At CDMA, glad to see so many of our partners in the Americas working to protect women and girls in conflict areas. #DayoftheGirl #IDG2016

MTS India officially said that "migration of MTS CDMA subscribers" to Reliance Communications 4G network is not started yet.

Bell to start decommissioning CDMA network on January 31st, 2017 #cdntech

Thanks Trinidad and Tobago for hosting CDMA. Great opportunity to build bilateral relationships in the hemisphere.

The CDMA technology which the Ambanis backed 14 years ago will be the biggest loser when the 4G shift gains traction

Minister KTR planting a sapling at Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration (CDMA) office. #HarithaHaram

HIS faithful #cdma phone. HE's very upset about its impending death. Because #Jio.

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Smartfren sudah mulai beralih ke 4G LTE dan mulai meninggalkan CDMA - @derricksurya #NGOBRALSmartfren_UBL #Generasi4G

Nextbit cancels CDMA version of Robin smartphone, issues refunds

Tinggalkan CDMA dan migrasi ke #Smartfren4GLTE di atau ketik LTE, kirim ke 6046 #Generasi4G

Unlocked LG G5 hits B&H Photo, should work on CDMA and GSM networks - #android

Autoridades de Pedernales y Chone cuentan con bases 3G y CDMA para llamadas #EcuadorListoYSolidario #ReconstruYO


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What does CDMA stand for?
CDMA stands for "Code Divisionsion Multiple Access".
How to abbreviate "Code Divisionsion Multiple Access"?
"Code Divisionsion Multiple Access" can be abbreviated as CDMA.
What is the meaning of CDMA abbreviation?
The meaning of CDMA abbreviation is "Code Divisionsion Multiple Access".
What is CDMA abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CDMA is "Code Divisionsion Multiple Access".
What does CDMA mean?
CDMA as abbreviation means "Code Divisionsion Multiple Access".
What is shorthand of Code Divisionsion Multiple Access?
The most common shorthand of "Code Divisionsion Multiple Access" is CDMA.
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