What does CBC mean?

CBC means Canadian Broadcasting Corporationration

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What is the abbreviation for Canadian Broadcasting Corporationration?

Canadian Broadcasting Corporationration can be abbreviated as CBC
What does CBC mean? It stands for Canadian Broadcasting Corporationration
CBC - Canadian Broadcasting Corporationration in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CBC

We do some good things at the CBC. We do some not so good things at the CBC. Airing #thehip concert was a great thing by the CBC.

Clinton just addressed birtherism issue at the CBC Dinner: "Mr President...you make us all proud to be Americans".

At CBC dinner, Obama says it would a "personal insult" and "an insult to my legacy" if African-American community doesn't come out to vote

Thank-you @CBC for not only giving us the last Hip show, but for doing it without commercials. #TheHip

Another bit from the CBC presser. Rep. Jeffries says Trump isn't "man enough" to publicly apologize to Obama

Pres. Obama jokes at CBC event: "I am so relieved that the whole birther thing is over."

MISSING: 12yr old Indigenous girl. Ceda Rose Tanner of Chilliwack B.C was last seen on July 26. @CBC_Aboriginal

Uh-oh. Some rogue social media intern at the CBC is about to get Ghomeshi'd.

BREAKING: CBC has confirmed the crown will not lay charges against 6 police officers who were the subject of abuse investigation in Val-d'Or

Given the choice of watching the US nets last night, millions of Canadians chose CBC coverage of the US Election. Thanks for your trust!

More Comments with CBC...

#MMIW: New unsolved cases added to CBC's database

Thrilled to announced I've joined CBC Radio: Unreserved as their first columnist! Here's the first one:...

On CBC, this woman called the US election results "white supremacy's last stand"

Most of the the CBC was for HRC in 2007, not Obama. Obama had to work harder for the black vote than the white woman he was running against.

LEAKED: The meeting notes that inspired CBC's new online opinion page.

With California now counting, CBC Decision Desk gives 191 electoral college votes to Clinton, 172 to Trump

Walmart vows to change policies after CBC Marketplace investigation finds vast amount of apparent fresh food tossed.

Today the #CanWNT kicks off #Rio2016 action at 2pm ET on @CBC TV, online & in the app.

Just launched: Follow the Clinton vs. Trump race for the White House with CBC's presidential poll tracker:


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What does CBC stand for?
CBC stands for "Canadian Broadcasting Corporationration".
How to abbreviate "Canadian Broadcasting Corporationration"?
"Canadian Broadcasting Corporationration" can be abbreviated as CBC.
What is the meaning of CBC abbreviation?
The meaning of CBC abbreviation is "Canadian Broadcasting Corporationration".
What is CBC abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CBC is "Canadian Broadcasting Corporationration".
What does CBC mean?
CBC as abbreviation means "Canadian Broadcasting Corporationration".
What is shorthand of Canadian Broadcasting Corporationration?
The most common shorthand of "Canadian Broadcasting Corporationration" is CBC.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CBC in term.