What does 86 mean?

86 means Over

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What is the abbreviation for Over?

Over can be abbreviated as 86
What does 86 mean? It stands for Over
86 - Over in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having 86

Trump now 86% chance to win Presidency.

NYTimes: Trump now has 86% chance of winning WI. Reince Priebus, you da man!

Gwen Ifill had 86 A1 bylines during her marvelous run at The Post. She's on the front page one more time tomorrow:

DeMar DeRozan with 7th 30+ outing in first 8 games to start season. Last player to do that: Michael Jordan in 86-87. #rtz

BAMM - Market Indicator Gives Trump An 86% Chance Of Winning The Election | Zero Hedge

Reagan nominated Sen Sessions for the federal bench in '86. Nomination blew up over Sessions's views on race. Reagan yanked nomination

New York Times forecast now gives a 86% chance for Trump to win the presidency

Rasmussen yesterday: Trump holds a 10 point lead among the 86% who have already made up their minds.

Gang Badoy at Edsa in '86, now at #LNMB 30 yrs later. Follow @jovicyeeINQ for #MarcosBurial #MarcosNOTaHero protests

You are given 86,400 seconds. What will you do with your time today? #RiseUpRebels

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With 86% in, Clinton and Trump are now essentially tied in FL, 49%-49%. Lot of Broward, Palm Beach and some Dade left

Modi Govt hikes the petrol/diesel prices for 15th time since Feb 2015.Petrol/Diesel prices hiked by 89 paisa & 86 paisa per litre.Acche Din?

The night the Red Sox broke their 86-year drought, Johnny Damon hit a leadoff homer. Now Dexter Fowler does it for Cubs.

With 86% reporting in Florida, Trump and Clinton are tied at 48.5%

NYT analytics: a Trump win is almost a certainty: 86%. This morning, it had Clinton at 86%. An epic collapse, if trends hold

10 for 86, 10 for 85, 8 for 32. That's Aust last three innings. Not a misprint #ausvsa

Hillary Clinton's 86% chance of winning dissolved quickly tonight. Politics can't be reduced to formulas.

Early 50-40-90 chase update -Kevin Durant: 56-40-86 -Stephen Curry: 51-46-90 Their ridiculous shot charts

FINAL: @22wiggins (35 PTS, 10 REB) & @KarlTowns (25 PTS, 10 REB) help the @Timberwolves roll past the Sixers 110-86.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does 86 stand for?
86 stands for "Over".
How to abbreviate "Over"?
"Over" can be abbreviated as 86.
What is the meaning of 86 abbreviation?
The meaning of 86 abbreviation is "Over".
What is 86 abbreviation?
One of the definitions of 86 is "Over".
What does 86 mean?
86 as abbreviation means "Over".
What is shorthand of Over?
The most common shorthand of "Over" is 86.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word 86 in term.