What does BMF mean?

BMF means Best Male Friend

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for Best Male Friend?

Best Male Friend can be abbreviated as BMF
What does BMF mean? It stands for Best Male Friend
BMF - Best Male Friend in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BMF

Mantashe: BMF is a very important constituency for us. It is not about ANC instructing u, but u kicking the door at Luthuli #BMFConference16

Make sure and go check out our new video for BMF !! Hell Yeah!

#BMF Mantashe: in SA everyone wants something for free. It's a dangerous route to take. GN

#BMF Mantashe: People have started projecting the ANC as a bunch of brainless people.

#BMF Mantashe talking about NSFAS, saying it's painful to pay back but your are given access to study. GN

#BMF Mantashe says when you've lost ground like we have - 8% in election - people suddenly think that ANC is made up of brainless ppl GN

Video: Mantashe addresses BMF conference |

#BMF Mantashe says freedom charter says tertiary education must be accessible and scholarships given on merit, GN

RT @justinbrownsa: BMF President Mncane Mthunzi: BMF unhappy that PIC not using equity stakes to advance black CEOs and directors.

Joining us in studio is BMF President @mncanem on transformation, policy development & political economy. #sabcnews #YourWorld @Lulu_Gaboo

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Mpafa says Bmf will never stop trying to bring about change in the corporate sector live on DSTV 405. #BizSense #BMFConference16

. @alleniverson = BMF'er

Sobat Herba! Hari ini Mimin mau bagi hadiah brg @herbaforfamily hanya dgn jawab pertanyaan yang kami berikan #gausahkhawatir #BMF_HerbaKOF

Jawab pertanyaan di gambar berikut ini di dengan hashtag #BMF_herbaKOF dan #gausahkhawatir

Latest #Grimm fairy tale coin will be released in Feb 2017 by @BMF_Bund. Do you know which story is depicted here?

Respect Conor still being a BMF

Jawab pertanyaan di gambar berikut ini di dengan hashtag #BMF_herbaKOF dan #gausahkhawatir

Pertanyaan "Apa yang kamu ketahui tentang obat batuk HerbaKOF?" Jawab di sobat Herba! #gausahkhawatir #BMF_HerbaKOF

Mau menangin hadiah uang tunai di #BMF_HerbaKOF? Caranya gampang! Upload foto gaya batuk kamu di @HerbaForFamily


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does BMF stand for?
BMF stands for "Best Male Friend".
How to abbreviate "Best Male Friend"?
"Best Male Friend" can be abbreviated as BMF.
What is the meaning of BMF abbreviation?
The meaning of BMF abbreviation is "Best Male Friend".
What is BMF abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BMF is "Best Male Friend".
What does BMF mean?
BMF as abbreviation means "Best Male Friend".
What is shorthand of Best Male Friend?
The most common shorthand of "Best Male Friend" is BMF.