What does CGI mean?

CGI means Can't Get It

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What is the abbreviation for Can't Get It?

Can't Get It can be abbreviated as CGI
What does CGI mean? It stands for Can`t Get It
CGI - Can`t Get It in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CGI

71% of paid Clinton Global Initiative members stated that "networking" was their top interest in CGI; see attachment

Whatever your view of preamble to this analysis, seems clear @AP got out over its skis on CGI-@HillaryClinton story.

Totally not CGI! 'Dragon' filmed flying through Chinese mountains

I'm stoked for the new Star Wars special edition blu ray set with Chewbacca replaced by a cgi Harambe

Grateful for CGI members working collectively to end the illegal ivory trade and save African elephants: #CGI2016

Watch this incredibly realistic CGI girl move for the first time

These panthers on #ZooCBS appear to be CGI, proof they CAN make a show without using live animals. SIGN!

How Kubo and the Two Strings blends stop-motion, CGI, and 3D printing

Fact check that 90% number @HillaryClinton says about CGI.

Bill Clinton on CGI legacy: 'You have to keep this alive' - via @politico

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Bill Clinton planning "personal reflection" speech at CGI today that he wants to use to clear his Foundation's name:

New in WSJ: Bill & Chelsea will stop raising $$ and CGI will close if Hillary wins, per @PeterWSJ & @JamesVGrimaldi

Watch this incredibly realistic CGI girl move for the first time

On trail Trump railed against HRC conflicts of interest through CGI. Look at Trump's. Or Giuliani's, for example. A mess for foreign policy.

Movie scenes before the CGI's added often look odd and ridiculous. Here, @GameOfThrones.

'Ben-Hur' is getting a truly epic CGI-ed remake with Morgan Freeman in dreadlocks

'Deadpool' used way more CGI than you probably think it did

George Lucas not happy with the bushy-haired CGI-character in United's midfield

The Undertaker is providing the voice of a CGI surfing penguin.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does CGI stand for?
CGI stands for "Can't Get It".
How to abbreviate "Can't Get It"?
"Can't Get It" can be abbreviated as CGI.
What is the meaning of CGI abbreviation?
The meaning of CGI abbreviation is "Can't Get It".
What is CGI abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CGI is "Can't Get It".
What does CGI mean?
CGI as abbreviation means "Can't Get It".
What is shorthand of Can't Get It?
The most common shorthand of "Can't Get It" is CGI.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CGI in term.