What does DS mean?

DS means Dream Street

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What is the abbreviation for Dream Street?

Dream Street can be abbreviated as DS
What does DS mean? It stands for Dream Street
DS - Dream Street in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DS

This is the year. 60% of Americans want a new major party. Independents outnumber both Ds & Rs. It's in our hands!

Troll level: Expert. 2 Senate Ds call on @tedcruz to hold hearing on Donald Trump's support of Russia:

#AWANInews Kenyataan penuh Menteri Pengangkutan DS @liowtionglai berkenaan serpihan pesawat di Tanzania #MH370

Wenn du deinen alten Nintendo DS deinem besten Freund schenkst..

Fox News poll of the generic congressional ballot Democrats 48% Republicans 42% (Ds led 43% to 42% last month.)

there are kids my age getting pregnant and i just postmated pokemon heartgold for nintendo DS

As this story says, when Ds do it, the media praises them/says they're right. Often, the press is blind to its bias


makasiih shownya! nanti aku ds sesi 1 yaaa

30. Conclusion: Here's how Ds win Expand voting rights End Electoral College Stop gerrymandering Mobilize minorities Sway college-edu whites

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#fav7equations F = ma dL/dx = d_t(dL/dxdot) d*F = J S = k logW ds^2 = -dt^2 + dx^2 G_ab = 8pi G T_ab H |psi> = i d_t |psi>

GOP looking to put Dems in a tough spot if they keep up floor tactics. Will file Zika bill tonight and claim Ds holding up Zika funding

Dem leaders: "You aren't Dems! Stay out of our primary!" In the end, it was the most loyal & ignored working class Ds who didn't turn out.

"J'ai un atout ds ma vie politique, je ne change pas de convictions tous les 4 matins selon les sondages!" #PointPol

The top three Ds ARE OLD 76 Pelosi 77 Steny Hoyer 76 Jim Clyburn Top three R s ARE YOUNG 46 Paul Ryan 51 Kevin McCarthy 51 Steve Scalise

Here's why Ds might need an 8% pop vote margin to win the House: gerrymandering+polarization

#BurnOut "Je plaide pour l'introduction des sciences humaines ds les modules de management". @CFECGC

"I wasn't inclined to back guy vowing Muslim ban/mass deportations, but now I am because Ds look down on me." -- No Trump voter anywhere

Senate Ds already have ideas for working w/ Trump. Not how Rs treated you-know-Barack-who in '08 w/ @ArthurDelaneyHP


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does DS stand for?
DS stands for "Dream Street".
How to abbreviate "Dream Street"?
"Dream Street" can be abbreviated as DS.
What is the meaning of DS abbreviation?
The meaning of DS abbreviation is "Dream Street".
What is DS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DS is "Dream Street".
What does DS mean?
DS as abbreviation means "Dream Street".
What is shorthand of Dream Street?
The most common shorthand of "Dream Street" is DS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DS in term.