What does BET mean?

BET means Black Entertainment Television

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What is the abbreviation for Black Entertainment Television?

Black Entertainment Television can be abbreviated as BET
Other shorthands for Black Entertainment Television are: BETV
What does BET mean? It stands for Black Entertainment Television
BET - Black Entertainment Television in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BET

Impressive, but I bet I could do better

My bet is Obama pardons Hillary calling it a "political witch-hunt" to basically protect himself.

I bet Obama is thinking, "my God why did I ever allow the Clintons a path back into the WH?" #legacyofcorruption

I can't find G anywhere and we have a flight in 2 hours... Currently searching all the coffee shops, that's our best bet

If enough people show their like minded twitter followers how bad Trump is by retweeting his old hypocritical tweets, I bet he'll step down

If all your personal and business relationships end the exact same way, its a safe bet it's you. You are the problem.

Watch tonight as @BET presents "Love and Happiness an Obama celebration" 9pm/8pm CT #ThankYouObama

Its like Donald made a bet with someone where if he said "chicago" a bunch of times he would get free spray tans for a year. #debatenight

Tonight is all about Love & Happiness. Watch at 9P/8C on @BET. #ThankYouObama

#GameChangerAlert: The @YolandaAdams performance of @JohnLegend's Glory changed the structural DNA of all who heard it. #ThankYouObama @BET

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i am willing to bet an overwhelming majority of protestors didn't vote during election. they have Brexit-regret. Screw em.

Pinoy Boyband Superstar... Sino ang mga bet niyo?!? (Jetlag si judge dara...? Tulog na! Tulog!!!)

A parlay of Pitt to beat Clemson (+1000), Iowa to beat Michigan (+1000) & USC to beat Washington (+290) would've paid $47,090 on a $100 bet

If the other poker players at the table know you don't bluff, most will fold when you bet big. World leaders know Trump doesn't bluff.

Hillary never had a rally with a tenth if this many people....very interesting I bet half aren't registered voters

I'd bet 90% of the prep Hillary did for the debate was practicing talking while being talked over.

Even though Hilary is fake as hell I bet she's been to the hood more times then he has.

this is definitely already a game show in japan, i would bet many monies

Carl Icahn left the Trump victory party to bet $1 billion on U.S. stocks


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What does BET stand for?
BET stands for "Black Entertainment Television".
How to abbreviate "Black Entertainment Television"?
"Black Entertainment Television" can be abbreviated as BET.
What is the meaning of BET abbreviation?
The meaning of BET abbreviation is "Black Entertainment Television".
What is BET abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BET is "Black Entertainment Television".
What does BET mean?
BET as abbreviation means "Black Entertainment Television".
What is shorthand of Black Entertainment Television?
The most common shorthand of "Black Entertainment Television" is BET.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BET in term.