What does ASC mean?

ASC means Alt Startrek Creative

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What is the abbreviation for Alt Startrek Creative?

Alt Startrek Creative can be abbreviated as ASC
What does ASC mean? It stands for Alt Startrek Creative
ASC - Alt Startrek Creative in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having ASC

The @OrbitalATK #Cygnus is in the grips of the @CSA_ASC #Canadarm2 as it moves toward the Unity module.

Col Shahid ASC who embraced Shahdat near Burhan Interchange due to road blocks ! This is pathetic really

Pie song #asc kevin_woo1125 @jiminpark07

@jiminpark07 thats what u get for being mean!!! #karma #asc kevin_woo1125 #ohno

Sufficient edible #Salt stocks are available in Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra including Mumbai as reported by Dr Mishra, ASC, Mumbai.

Sufficient stock of #Salt is available in Tamil Nadu,Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana-Report from H.K.Sharma, ASC, Chennai Region.

.@OrbitalATK #Cygnus captured by @CSA_ASC #Canadarm2 at 7:28am ET.

@CSA_ASC robotic arm camera shows #Cygnus as it reaches capture 10 meter point.

Adequate #Salt has been produced, stocked &beings supplied in Gujarat which produces 75% total salt in India.Dr Nagar, ASC, Gujarat

Este fin de semana el #Ala49 ha repartido sonrisas @SonEspases @Asc_SONRISAS

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Malaysia juara ASC 2016, rangkul 24 pingat emas

#Adelaide-based shipbuilder ASC to be split into three companies

A special guest roaming Parliament Hill today courtesy of @csa_asc...#SpaceDayontheHill #OdySci

See the trailer for Woody Allen's #CafeSociety shot by Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC on Sony's F65 camera! #F65

Canadian teenager identifies possible lost Mayan city by examining star maps @csa_asc

The @SpaceX #Dragon removed from Harmony module. In grip of @CSA_ASC #Canadarm2 for 9:18am ET/1:18pm UTC release.

Quebec teen discovers lost Mayan city with radar images, some provided by @csa_asc

Watch @NASA TV at 9am ET/1pm UTC to see @CSA_ASC #Canadarm2 release #Dragon at 9:18am.

Join @MSCecolabel and @ASC_aqua webinar on 5-Apr to help build a global #seaweed standard


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does ASC stand for?
ASC stands for "Alt Startrek Creative".
How to abbreviate "Alt Startrek Creative"?
"Alt Startrek Creative" can be abbreviated as ASC.
What is the meaning of ASC abbreviation?
The meaning of ASC abbreviation is "Alt Startrek Creative".
What is ASC abbreviation?
One of the definitions of ASC is "Alt Startrek Creative".
What does ASC mean?
ASC as abbreviation means "Alt Startrek Creative".
What is shorthand of Alt Startrek Creative?
The most common shorthand of "Alt Startrek Creative" is ASC.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word ASC in term.