What does GTH mean?

GTH means Go To Hell

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What is the abbreviation for Go To Hell?

Go To Hell can be abbreviated as GTH
Other shorthands for Go To Hell are: g2/-/, G2H
What does GTH mean? It stands for Go To Hell
GTH - Go To Hell in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having GTH

Today, SP MLAs stood with Bill Boyd instead of trying to figure out why we lost $11M on GTH deal while 2 private citizens made $11M. #skpoli

For the 2nd day in a row @PremierBradWall refuses to answer reporters' questions on GTH after QP. #skpoli #mostopenandtransparent

To offset SaskPower rate hike, can SaskPower sell its GTH land to speculators and use $ to offset increase? Asking for 1.1M friends. #skpoli

Info Commish says government breaking law by delaying access to GTH Alan's deal docs - ruling here #skpoli

Today's col: Why Gov"t hiding behind Auditor is nonsense. #skpoli auditor's report not final word on GTH affair

My column today: Sask. Party MLAs block disclosure on GTH fiasco #skpoli

Latest from @CBCSask ITeam: Forensic audit of GTH land deal needed to clear the air, says expert @gleocbc #skpoli

Today's column: #skpoli Walll should walk straight to conflict commissioner on GTH deal. 's office

NEW TALKING POINT: 4 "arrogant NDP" from Harrison today. Yep that's the problem with the GTH. Big, ugly arrogant 10-member Opp. #skpoli

By a 5-2 vote SP MLAs in public accounts committee "independently" decided they don't want to hear past/present GTH ad witnesses. #skpoli

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Part 2 -- SaskPower bought $25M of GTH land just in time to fund controversial deal #skpoli

Here's a GTH land deal timeline - tying the two stories together #skpoli

QP: @WotherspoonT "How does the minister remember who it wasn't that phoned him to propose GTH deal, but can't remember who it was?"

Today we find out SaskPower ordered to buy $25M in GTH land ahead of $21M deal, Wall says feds should pay for SaskPower GHG research #skpoli

Please read this on SaskPower's purchase of GTH landand ask yourself why we aren't having an inquiry. #skpoli

This timeline crucial in understanding why we need a forensic audit into the GTH... #skpoli

Want more? SaskPower bought $25M of GTH land just in time to fund controversial deal #skpoli

QP: Does the premier still stand by his position on this indefensible leak of cabinet documents to GTH land seller? @WotherspoonT

""I wonder if we should meet face to face, just so we can say we did!" behind-the-scenes GTH land deal #skpoli


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does GTH stand for?
GTH stands for "Go To Hell".
How to abbreviate "Go To Hell"?
"Go To Hell" can be abbreviated as GTH.
What is the meaning of GTH abbreviation?
The meaning of GTH abbreviation is "Go To Hell".
What is GTH abbreviation?
One of the definitions of GTH is "Go To Hell".
What does GTH mean?
GTH as abbreviation means "Go To Hell".
What is shorthand of Go To Hell?
The most common shorthand of "Go To Hell" is GTH.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word GTH in term.