What does LV mean?

LV means love

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What is the abbreviation for love?

love can be abbreviated as LV
Other shorthands for love are: LUH, LOFF, wuv, LUV, luff, LURV, LUB, (inlove), LUBB, Lov, wub, FYL, luf, lve, SIL, lvn, (love), FAWL, OOL, luvv, BLIND, *IN LOVE*, WLV, wwl, :-], :], byl, fit, IL, fl, LFB, LT
What does LV mean? It stands for love
LV - love in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having LV

#LVCruise 2017 by @TWNGhesquiere featuring Alicia Vikander, in Rio de Janeiro. See more on

And this with that insane 50/35 Obama/Romney LV model. Hillary is SO SO SO done.

RT for a chance to win a trip to the HBO World Championship Boxing Title at @Cosmopolitan_LV

NBC/WSJ cranked out a poll with a 50/35 Obama/Romney LV sample just to give HRC a 4 point lead. Use real sample and you get LATimes result.

In final NBC/WSJ Poll, LV's voted for Obama over Romney 50/35. Obama won 2012 by 4. That's 11 point GIFT to HRC. HRC only +4? She loses.

SB1 has passed the Assembly with exact needed votes of 28.13 opposed. Amended version to Senate. Raiders to LV just got very real. #RJnow

New NBC/WSJ poll uses a 447 LV D+8 sample where Obama beat Romney by 13. If Hillary is winning, WHY do they need these insane bias samples?

Highlights from the #LVSS17 Show by @TWNGhesquiere. See all the looks on #LouisVuitton #PFW

The POS NBC/WSJ Poll is not only D+8, it's Likely Voter sample is only 447. Seriously, a National Poll with an LV of 447? Delete Your Poll.

STEEP [T] Early Access beta is live. Watch the 101 trailer and start your descent at

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"Walters nailed him!!!" #LomachenkoWalters | Nov. 26th | @HBOBoxing | @Cosmopolitan_LV

Nevada Gov Brian Sandoval expected to rubber stamp LV stadium for #Raiders. How does Oakland respond? Do NFL owners back the idea?

This LV/RV gap is backed up by no other polls.

It's very difficult to defend that type of LV/RV gap

When LV screens go wild, you're best off focusing on the RV number and deducting a tad from Dems

Bill Foley was asked about spending public money to bring Raiders to LV:"I believe you spend $750 million on police, firefighters & teachers

How much does Clinton want attn drawn to @FLOTUS & the AZ play? They sked her rally for PHX day after LV debate, so press can go to AZ

@Dr_TonyXia Dr we need results now , and quick , lv your attitude but please get us the hell out of this mess .Aston Villa Fan !

Much lv to the Dubliners today V Mayo don't think we make a mistake twice you had one chance we won't give you another #Upthedubs!


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does LV stand for?
LV stands for "love".
How to abbreviate "love"?
"love" can be abbreviated as LV.
What is the meaning of LV abbreviation?
The meaning of LV abbreviation is "love".
What is LV abbreviation?
One of the definitions of LV is "love".
What does LV mean?
LV as abbreviation means "love".
What is shorthand of love?
The most common shorthand of "love" is LV.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word LV in term.