What does GFY mean?

GFY means Good For You

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
Particularly in Texting Abbreviations, Chat Abbreviations
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What is the abbreviation for Good For You?

Good For You can be abbreviated as GFY
Other shorthands for Good For You are: G4U, GFU, 2g4u, GOU, gd4u, GAY
What does GFY mean? It stands for Good For You
GFY - Good For You in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having GFY

@TylerL_Hoechlin GFY old man.

FBI wants warrantless access to browser history. #GFY

If you have your phone in your hand 24/7 please explain why you need to have the sound turned on for message alerts. GFY

.@npomalley Well here's a filter for you. #GFY. #INSTABLOCK

.@mynameisGRiZ gives a funky middle finger on #PSGFY feat. @CHERUBlamusica (exclusive)

Give my new track PS GFY a <3 on @hypem !!!

.@mynameisGRiZ gives a funky middle finger on "PS GFY" feat. @CHERUBlamusica: (exclusive)

On behalf of Canada, GFY.

Hey Third Party voters. GFY. #Election2016

I could send a card to the NC GOP instead. It would say 'Your racist voter suppression laws got struck down & I think you staged this GFY'.

More Comments with GFY...

You can make it happen. #qotd #gfy

Make sure to tell that to the 1000s of families of people worldwide killed by radical Muslims, then GFY

'Cause we'all wanted to. Deepest apologies for not catering only to you. Also, Q voted. #gfy

my initials are "GFY"

Cannes has kicked off - loads of coverage to come on GFY this week - and OMG Kristen Stewart's SHOES. I WANT:

Zoe Saldana looks SPECTACULAR at the #MetGala. I want to roll around on this skirt. More later on GFY. #MetGala2016

@1PhoebeJTonkin @Lifeofrileyv GFY both

Promise: No "hilarious" April Fools stuff on GFY. Bc really, some celebrity fashion feels like a giant long-con April Fools joke already. -H



Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does GFY stand for?
GFY stands for "Good For You".
How to abbreviate "Good For You"?
"Good For You" can be abbreviated as GFY.
What is the meaning of GFY abbreviation?
The meaning of GFY abbreviation is "Good For You".
What is GFY abbreviation?
One of the definitions of GFY is "Good For You".
What does GFY mean?
GFY as abbreviation means "Good For You".
What is shorthand of Good For You?
The most common shorthand of "Good For You" is GFY.