What does GB mean?

GB means Good Bye

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for Good Bye?

Good Bye can be abbreviated as GB
Other shorthands for Good Bye are: byeas, CIAO, POOF, ABTA, gby, GB2, ttfn, gdby
What does GB mean? It stands for Good Bye
GB - Good Bye in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having GB

didn't even realise the time - got stuck in to the GB paralympic team doing triple gold in the pool - @Susie_Rodgers shock face - goosebumps

Christmas officially starts when the @CocaCola_GB #HolidaysAreComing ad is on TV. RT to set a reminder & avoid FOMO

Aaron Rodgers first half stats: 12-for-18 174 passing yards 4 TDs GB leads 31-10

All I'll hear tomorrow is AARON RODGERS 4 TD PASSES 1ST HALF! He barely threw for 200 yds. Stafford nearly 400. GB nearly blew 21-pt lead.

.@TyMontgomery2 with another blocked punt! #Packers take over at GB 48 #GBvsMIN

#Titans bury #Packers. Teams headed in opposite directions. Tennessee young, exciting, better every week. Time to make changes in GB.

Team GB cyclists and Olympic champions Laura Trott and Jason Kenny got married in secret yesterday

Most cap space: CLE $50.2M, SF $42.0M, JAX $40.2M, TEN $24.3M, CAR $14.2M, WAS $13.9M, NE $9.7M, DEN $9.3M, GB $9.0M, PHI $9.0M, OAK $8.9M.

He's done it! Andy #Murray wins 6-3, 6-2, 6-3 and the Aegon GB @DavisCup Team are back level in this tie! #FightBack

NBC announces a "bye" week for Al Michaels, with Mike Tirico handling the next three games: GB-Wash, Pit-Ind, K.C.-Denver.

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If #Packers hadn't claimed Christine Michael, he would've gone to ... the #Vikings, who also put in a claim, source said. GB had priority.

The most unlikely of comebacks is now on for GB after that heroic performance from Murray

These are the OTs getting the least "help" in Pass Pro this season. E Fisher KC M Schwartz KC T Williams WAS D Bakhtiari GB J Veldheer ARZ

Sincerely Thnk Durai Palanisamy 4 sndin me a bag of rice on Bhalf of thanjavur farmers.very sweet gesture.thnk u.GB

Will Rio & GB's top athletes be ready for the 2016 Games? #RoadToRio with @NickHopeTV investigates - 12:30 BBC News

Eubank Jr wins GB middleweight title

Let's be clear about Casey Hayward leaving: #Packers did not need him to stay. Good player, but GB is set at CB. Foolish to waste money.

Post your "Paranoia" guitar covers! Hint: my guitar is tuned B-Gb-B-E-Ab-D#

West: 1 Oregon 2 OU 3 A&M 4 Duke 5 Baylor 6 Texas 7 OSU 8 St. Joe's 9 Cincy 10 VCU 11 UNI 12 Yale 13 UNC-W 14 GB 15 CSBU 16 H.C./Southern


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What does GB stand for?
GB stands for "Good Bye".
How to abbreviate "Good Bye"?
"Good Bye" can be abbreviated as GB.
What is the meaning of GB abbreviation?
The meaning of GB abbreviation is "Good Bye".
What is GB abbreviation?
One of the definitions of GB is "Good Bye".
What does GB mean?
GB as abbreviation means "Good Bye".
What is shorthand of Good Bye?
The most common shorthand of "Good Bye" is GB.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word GB in term.