What does FON mean?

FON means Freak of Nature

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What is the abbreviation for Freak of Nature?

Freak of Nature can be abbreviated as FON
What does FON mean? It stands for Freak of Nature
FON - Freak of Nature in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having FON

#AWANInews iPhone 7: Fon telinga tanpa wayar buat netizen terpinga-pinga

#TBT Posted 4 years ago, the AM after selling out Staples Center for #FON. I was right - no forgetting that night.

at pics from #FON LA at Staples Center is pretty cool. Anyone have any to add? #TBT

BREAKING: @FAWales squad for @FIFAWorldCup qualifier v Moldova on September 5: Goalkeepers - Hennessey, Ward, Fon Williams. (1/4)

"Hi joe, ni Aina" "Aina mana?" "Aina number fon you boleh?" #cinta40era

Media duties for Chris Gunter, Sam Vokes and Owain Fon Williams ahead of FIFA World Cup Qualifier #WALMOL on Monday.

18,785 attendance. 2.6 mil gate. FON: Andrade, Medeiros.

If you tell me you don't like fondue, then hangin' out with you becomes a major fon-don't. #CheesePlease

Niwl y bore dros Fon ac Eryri Morning mist over Anglesey and Snowdonia

CD: "We've scored a lot of goals. Fon Williams had a really good game. What we've got to be as champions is a team that can win by 1 goal."

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Alguien sabe de una empresa que se ocupe de instalar redes WiFi en grandes empresas? Estamos buscando colaboraciones en @Fon

Big dave from Fon Williams there to deny Waghorn. Ball in from the corner was headed back across for him to strike.

23 - CHANCE! Fon Williams makes an unbelievable save from @Leighgriff09's volley! Still 0-0.

Day 3 of #designsprint at Fon complete! Bring it on, Day 4! #wifi #thursday


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What does FON stand for?
FON stands for "Freak of Nature".
How to abbreviate "Freak of Nature"?
"Freak of Nature" can be abbreviated as FON.
What is the meaning of FON abbreviation?
The meaning of FON abbreviation is "Freak of Nature".
What is FON abbreviation?
One of the definitions of FON is "Freak of Nature".
What does FON mean?
FON as abbreviation means "Freak of Nature".
What is shorthand of Freak of Nature?
The most common shorthand of "Freak of Nature" is FON.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word FON in term.