What does FWIW mean?

FWIW means For Whoever Is Wondering

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for For Whoever Is Wondering?

For Whoever Is Wondering can be abbreviated as FWIW
What does FWIW mean? It stands for For Whoever Is Wondering
FWIW - For Whoever Is Wondering in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having FWIW

Adam Wainwright is up to 18 RBIs this year - most by any pitcher since Bob Gibson in 1970. FWIW Billy Hamilton has 17 RBIs in 411 AB

Have now heard from two people close to the Trump campaign that they haven't been polling MN this week. FWIW.

And FWIW, the head-to-head versions of ABC and IBD/TIPP are unchanged. Basically, we don't know anything yet. Not nearly enough data.

WaPo's @jribas snapped a pic of the Trump TV riser spot, for all you Skeptical Sallys. No comment from campaign fwiw

To Bautista-bashers who believe he said umps are screwing the #BlueJays in ALCS, he also said this, FWIW:

I know there were high level Ranger folks that were incredibly reluctant to part w/ Brinson unless they KNEW they were keeping Desmond, FWIW

didn't mean that much in the big 12, either, fwiw.

From a Washington perspective, fwiw, this is a wild idea that would poison US-UK relations.

Jason Garrett did say that Dez Bryant does feel better today than he did after the game, FWIW.

@tommymauro11 FWIW believe @PFTCommenter owns the rights to that tweet

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.@Indians fans: FWIW - in Rick Porcello's 8 career postseason appearances (2 starts), his team is 0-8

.@DavidCayJ FWIW, Alt-right is a specific subset of the right-wing fringe world. 12+ yrs ago, we'd have called them South Park Republicans.

Anthony Davis said at shootaround that his back is "fine" and he's good to go tonight. Jrue Holiday, FWIW, is officially listed as "out."

"The Silly Fight of the Democratics," is what my 7-year-old calls her latest. (She's pro-Bernie, FWIW.)

CB Apple is good player w/ legit 4.4 speed but (FWIW) spoke to 6 diff teams asking "what he's hiding with no jumps/3-cone"?

At this stage, FWIW, Raiders are farther along w/Jenkins than w/Smith. Could end up with either CB, or neither. We'll see. Fluid situation.

The leaked bracket was 100 percent right for the first two regions, FWIW.

George Soros Funds Ferguson Protests : FWIW...

Imma say it again: Chinese steel - cold rolled, fwiw - is now paying 266% tariff.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does FWIW stand for?
FWIW stands for "For Whoever Is Wondering".
How to abbreviate "For Whoever Is Wondering"?
"For Whoever Is Wondering" can be abbreviated as FWIW.
What is the meaning of FWIW abbreviation?
The meaning of FWIW abbreviation is "For Whoever Is Wondering".
What is FWIW abbreviation?
One of the definitions of FWIW is "For Whoever Is Wondering".
What does FWIW mean?
FWIW as abbreviation means "For Whoever Is Wondering".
What is shorthand of For Whoever Is Wondering?
The most common shorthand of "For Whoever Is Wondering" is FWIW.