What does CME mean?

CME means Call Me

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
Particularly in sms Abbreviations
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What is the abbreviation for Call Me?

Call Me can be abbreviated as CME
Other shorthands for Call Me are: CM, C/M, :-c
What does CME mean? It stands for Call Me
CME - Call Me in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CME

My worry is dat our leaders can neither control d mosquitoes which r within d nation nor which cme frm acros d border. Pathetic. #UriAttacks

Le hashtag #OnTaLigoteCommeKimK prouve bien que twitter cest cme je disais dans ma video "la porte tout au fond des enfers"

UPDATE: Despite CME saying that Nasdaq, S&P futures were halted until market open, both have started to trade again

Dreams become bigger whn ppl n technology cme together ,amzing initiative #SapneHueBade ,kudos , let's do this mre

Great convo today with @erinandrews !! #cme

Join Drs. Z. Paul Lorenc & Barry DiBernardo on September 24th for live CME in Los Angeles!

Parlez a votre pote qui a 100 euros en PP ... Svp ... Pr pas respecter ma mere cme ca la ... Alala Twitter

Nikkei 225 (CME) Futures -355 points... this is going to be a very ugly open in Tokyo if things don't lighten up in the next 2.5 hours..

Rather than halting trade, CME will limit S&P futures to their downside of 5% until markets open

Today was one of those days where you say I LOVE MY JOB!!! What a pleasure chatting with @MichaelPhelps #CME

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Our CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate & CME CF Real Time Index will bring greater transparency to the #bitcoin market

The cycle of life is never the same..wat goes up will alwz cme down..never sit on ur laurels or live in hallucination of never bng defeated.

Will #Brexit weigh on demand for oil? @EnergyPhilFlynn joins @MariaBartiromo from the CME

Key points from our Q2 results #earnings $CME

Can @BrookeHenderson keep the $1 million off her mind @CMEGroupLPGA? She chatted with @ESPNCaddie about it.

#CME Chairman Terry Duffy: timing a rebound in U.S. #oil production

Woah! MT @SungrazerComets: Cool looking CME seen by @ESA/@NASA SOHO a few hrs ago!

@rkabushenga: our part is done. Cme as early as 6am to take part in the run & help fight against fistula#kabakawange

30 mnts mre 2 go..cme on friends..let's do it..just a little push 2 d voting booths..if u don't,u lose d right 2 question the govt #VOTE100


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What does CME stand for?
CME stands for "Call Me".
How to abbreviate "Call Me"?
"Call Me" can be abbreviated as CME.
What is the meaning of CME abbreviation?
The meaning of CME abbreviation is "Call Me".
What is CME abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CME is "Call Me".
What does CME mean?
CME as abbreviation means "Call Me".
What is shorthand of Call Me?
The most common shorthand of "Call Me" is CME.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CME in term.