What does ELF mean?

ELF means Ever Lasting Friends

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What is the abbreviation for Ever Lasting Friends?

Ever Lasting Friends can be abbreviated as ELF
What does ELF mean? It stands for Ever Lasting Friends
ELF - Ever Lasting Friends in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having ELF

The Elf on a Shelf always looks like he's asking for a consensual spanking.

It's here!! #SkylandersAcademy is now out on @Netflix! Watch and listen closely - I'm the voice of Stealth Elf! ;)

everyone in scotland looks like an elf

New York is so beautiful right nowwwww. It feels so much like Christmas, I plan on watching Elf 16 times before bed.

#feyhee | OPSTELLING / LINE UP Deze elf Feyenoorders beginnen straks aan de topper tegen sc Heerenveen:

I'm not saying I'm really good at D&D, but if y'all heard the song my elf rogue sang to woo the sky spider, you'd crap yourself with awe.

wait zooey deschanel is like my age in elf n buddy the elf is like 40 lmao makes u think about uh gender n christmas n santa etc

Niedrigster Stand seit elf Jahren: Arbeitslosenquote sinkt nach Brexit

In einer Stunde geht's los - #Schanzer Heimspiel gegen den @BVB! Unsere Jungs starten mit folgender Elf: #FCIBVB

In het uitduel tegen Sparta Rotterdam starten we met de volgende elf spelers. #spahee

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What was your favorite #Orsinium moment with the ambitious young Wood Elf, Eveli Sharp-Arrow? #ESO

Festive classics including Elf and Home Alone will be shown on the giant screen

Why is this elf in IT? If you want to know, RT to receive a limited-time Black Friday deal from @MyStraightTalk

Kijk je mee naar Business Class? @Pieteromtzigt bespreekt zijn zorgen omtrent pensioenen. Vanaf half elf op RTL 7

WAAAAAAS? Heute wieder elf Stunden @NFL live @ProSiebenMAXX? #ranNFL #WASvsCIN live STREAM:

20 quotes from Elf you can use any time of year:

@DWTSAllAccess not sure how many ELF gifts there are!!!

Eine Einigung gebe es noch nicht, laut "ELF Voetbal" befinden sich Wolfsburg und Martin #Jol aber in fortgeschrittenen Verhandlungen. #WOB

SANTAAAAA!!!!!! Get the Elf Soundtrack on special glittery vinyl! #XMASMADE


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does ELF stand for?
ELF stands for "Ever Lasting Friends".
How to abbreviate "Ever Lasting Friends"?
"Ever Lasting Friends" can be abbreviated as ELF.
What is the meaning of ELF abbreviation?
The meaning of ELF abbreviation is "Ever Lasting Friends".
What is ELF abbreviation?
One of the definitions of ELF is "Ever Lasting Friends".
What does ELF mean?
ELF as abbreviation means "Ever Lasting Friends".
What is shorthand of Ever Lasting Friends?
The most common shorthand of "Ever Lasting Friends" is ELF.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word ELF in term.