What does DZ mean?

DZ means Drop Zone

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What is the abbreviation for Drop Zone?

2 ways to abbreviate Drop Zone
Drop Zone can be abbreviated as DZ
Other shorthands for Drop Zone are: dzs
What does DZ mean? It stands for Drop Zone
DZ - Drop Zone in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DZ

Manchester / Raeford-Vass Road near Sicily DZ is closed due to a sink hole at Jumping Run Creek. Avoid this area.

Il y a des supporters DZ dans le stade #NGAALG

#SYRIA: Syrian military source in DZ airport to @AFP: "Then, there was machine gun fire on wounded soldiers & paramedics" from the planes /2

Here's another Dz-angle of that Dzingel goal. #GoSensGo

Toujours pas de DZ dans le Top 10 du Mercato des Africains, juste une question d'heures ???

@DareBcaj First thing I see on your channel is Ghost DZ hahahahahahahaha I'll letchu slide

I know at least a dozen people who quit this game. Great start. Went nowhere DZ became annoying trash. Smh try again

C'est parti pour Manchester - Leicester avec nos deux DZ

Here it is! The DUNE RATS / DZ DEATHRAYS: International Disaster Tour (pt 1)

Happening Now! #Paratroopers are descending on Silver Creek DZ as part of Operation Bluegrass!

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On a serious note, irrelevant of who scored the goals, Ottawa looks horrendous in the DZ. Work to do for GB...

Book signing for @NPGLondon #WilliamEggleston 'Portraits' book July 19, 4PM at DZ London

Coming soon: 'Cut, Folded, Pressed & Other Actions' on view at DZ NY 20th St. Sept. 15:

@dZ_Zeha there isn't going to be an additional 10ft of water dropped lol are you serious? Maybe 8-10 inches.

had a 1v3 and should've had a 1v4 in the DZ but messed up on the 4th guy :(

@OpTic_Scumper @OpTic_DKarma what DZ Level did y'all hit last night? Got some high-end stuff today.

Bezoek 16/17 mrt gratis @SolarSolutions4 event in Benelux met RVO-relatiecode #ZonneEnergie

We end the night with respectable numbers. DZ 30 tomorrow should help pad the stats.

Delrith - Level 30 DZ 55 - hot grill stream:


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What does DZ stand for?
DZ stands for "Drop Zone".
How to abbreviate "Drop Zone"?
"Drop Zone" can be abbreviated as DZ.
What is the meaning of DZ abbreviation?
The meaning of DZ abbreviation is "Drop Zone".
What is DZ abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DZ is "Drop Zone".
What does DZ mean?
DZ as abbreviation means "Drop Zone".
What is shorthand of Drop Zone?
The most common shorthand of "Drop Zone" is DZ.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DZ in term.