What does EULA mean?

EULA means End-User License Agreement (you-lah)

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What is the abbreviation for End-User License Agreement (you-lah)?

End-User License Agreement (you-lah) can be abbreviated as EULA
What does EULA mean? It stands for End-User License Agreement (you-lah)
EULA - End-User License Agreement (you-lah) in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having EULA

Si Eula Valdez ang celebrity player sa Pinoy Henyo! #ALDUBMyLove

Si Jhay ang makakalaro ni Eula sa jackpot round.

Trump's entire campaign is just a huge EULA. You're just supposed to scroll down and accept.

American Bar Association votes to DRM the law, put it behind a EULA

Massive episode of Factions goes live in about 2 hours (if YouTube processes) Eula, Bosses, Ganks, God Swords...

Notice on upcoming changes to the EULA and for third party gambling within #eveonline #tweetfleet

I had never heard the Eula Mae Love story until I saw #OJMadeInAmerica. Absolutely infuriating.

Required reading, y'all. RT @GlynnMacN: Find myself thinking again and again today of this Eula Biss 2015 NYT piece

Naging close sina Ryzza at Eula matapos maging magkatrabaho sa dalawang serye! Photos:

Latasha Harlins. Rodney King. Eula Love.

More Comments with EULA...

Ano ang dapat abangan sa pagtatapos ng "Princess in the Palace"? Narito ang clue ni Eula Valdez:

LOSING A GOD SET FROM PVP!? Also, a quick chat about the EULA!

Breaking : Minecraft is blocking certain servers that are not in compliance with EULA #DramaAlert

Our good friend Eula Smith! #KB20

Today I learned (via a Eula Bliss essay) that historical scholars generally believe that lynching is a distinctly American invention. Welp.

Tomorrow is the day! Excited na ba kayo na makasama sina Yassi, Ella, Eula Caballero, Sam Pinto, Meg, Roxee B.?

Oi, @AtlantisSDS. What the heck is this in your EULA?

Minecraft Server BLACKLIST! #DramaAlert SSundee , MrCrainer - Mojang EULA Enforcement: via @YouTube

The enforcability of an eula like that is VERY dubious at best. Google it. Besides, it's clearly ethically wrong


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What does EULA stand for?
EULA stands for "End-User License Agreement (you-lah)".
How to abbreviate "End-User License Agreement (you-lah)"?
"End-User License Agreement (you-lah)" can be abbreviated as EULA.
What is the meaning of EULA abbreviation?
The meaning of EULA abbreviation is "End-User License Agreement (you-lah)".
What is EULA abbreviation?
One of the definitions of EULA is "End-User License Agreement (you-lah)".
What does EULA mean?
EULA as abbreviation means "End-User License Agreement (you-lah)".
What is shorthand of End-User License Agreement (you-lah)?
The most common shorthand of "End-User License Agreement (you-lah)" is EULA.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word EULA in term.