What does DINK mean?

DINK means Dual Income No Kids

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What is the abbreviation for Dual Income No Kids?

2 ways to abbreviate Dual Income No Kids
Dual Income No Kids can be abbreviated as DINK
Other shorthands for Dual Income No Kids are: DINKS
What does DINK mean? It stands for Dual Income No Kids
DINK - Dual Income No Kids in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DINK

Hey, @Reince, you misspelled "Trump-Putin." #Dink

Engin Dinc, suspect in the murder of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, is appointed as Eskisehir police chief.

AWP dink and no kill in 2016 LUL @c9skadoodle @cloud9 #ESLProLeague

What a day of sensational goals. Messi's counter, De Bruyne's free kick, Ozil's dink, Griezmann's flick and Menuier's volley. Incredible.

Ek sit by #CliveDerbyLewis se begrafnis en dink aan my 10 vrae oor hom wat nooit geantwoord is nie...

I haven't followed Brexit closely, but this pro-gun, anti-Muslim dink is leading the charge and, uh, England

Congrats to Dink Nolen and Jonathan Muedano for winning our Rogue One box giveaway!

There's One word known worldwide from slums of Bangkok to the Palaces of Dubai . Its a Rinky-dink sign on a hill. That word? Hollywood.

Funny how today's date is 9/11. Donald Trump is elected to become America's 45th president. And Natural Disasters erupt... Coinki Dink?

GOAL! Man United 1-1 Liverpool: Tie over? Delightful dink from Coutinho. Outrageous in fact

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#Netwerk24Peiling: Wat dink jy moet #Sylvester die leeu se lot wees? #SaveSylvester

85: Goal! @taylor_tombides finishes superbly with a dink before pointing to the sky in memory of brother @Dylantombides [6-5] #MN16 #WHUFC

Great place for a free kick. A very cheeky dink into @esmuellert_, but Ederson JUST gets there first... #FCBSLB 1-0

Sturridge close to making it 3-0 with lovely dink over Boruc. Hits outside of the post. He's on a different planet to anyone else out there

The first team using the whole clock is like the guy in your fantasy draft checking his cheat sheet in Round 1. Total dink move. No excuse

I grew up on players who could dink, swerve, dribble, shoot, score. Proper ketse players. Mahrez showed it all this season #3FM927

Op Vryheisdag vra ek myself hoe vry my kinders is om padlangs na hul maatjies te stap, om vry te mag dink en oor hul toekoms hier te droom.

Hrant Dink'in kaleminden: 23,5 Nisan

it's the same filthy dangerous narrative that made #hrant #dink a target, first by the state, then finally shot by a nationalist in 2007.


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What does DINK stand for?
DINK stands for "Dual Income No Kids".
How to abbreviate "Dual Income No Kids"?
"Dual Income No Kids" can be abbreviated as DINK.
What is the meaning of DINK abbreviation?
The meaning of DINK abbreviation is "Dual Income No Kids".
What is DINK abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DINK is "Dual Income No Kids".
What does DINK mean?
DINK as abbreviation means "Dual Income No Kids".
What is shorthand of Dual Income No Kids?
The most common shorthand of "Dual Income No Kids" is DINK.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DINK in term.