What does DINK mean?

DINK means Design Is Nifty Kids

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What is the abbreviation for Design Is Nifty Kids?

Design Is Nifty Kids can be abbreviated as DINK
What does DINK mean? It stands for Design Is Nifty Kids
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Comments having DINK

Azpi's dink into the box causes more confusion in the United area and Bailly scuffs his clearance to De Gea. #CHEMUN

Dak Prescott with a dime. These aren't just dink & dunk throws, folks. He's throwing fades, crossing patterns... he's really showing a lot.

Two headed set-piece goals. One divine dink. One after sustained pressure. The eighth time #LFC have scored four+ in a PL game in 2016

Those bags that you put giant things in and attach Hoover nozzle and the big thing shrinks like a shrinky dink. RAD

Did you catch @patrick7roberts dink at training? Follow 'celticfc' on @Snapchat for exclusive #BhoysOnTour coverage.

There's One word known worldwide from slums of Bangkok to the Palaces of Dubai . Its a Rinky-dink sign on a hill. That word? Hollywood.

Ek sit by #CliveDerbyLewis se begrafnis en dink aan my 10 vrae oor hom wat nooit geantwoord is nie...

Hrant Dink cinayetinde 2 tutuklama

Funny how today's date is 9/11. Donald Trump is elected to become America's 45th president. And Natural Disasters erupt... Coinki Dink?

RK: "Rooney not my problem, Phil (Jag) yes is an #EFC player. He was there &had a dink but his behaviour wasn't bad"

More Comments with DINK...

Messi completes the victory, lovely little dink it was too!

That is it! Messi with the cutest little dink over Ospina. Thanks for coming Arsenal.

GOAL! Neymar, Suarez... ...and now Messi. A Lovely dink over Ospina 3-1 (5-1) #FCBvAFC

PSA: just because you don't care about your own car, doesn't mean you gotta dink other people's car doors.

Know what's cool? Someone has probably thought nice things about you in passing & you don't even know about it. Unless you're a dink.

Goooooooooal! Brilliant @Ibra_official back flick then @Javi_Pastore with a cheeky dink to finish. #Ligue1

GOAL! Germany 2-0 England. Mario Gomez heads in at the back post from a dink into the box from Khedira.

14 - Philippe Coutinho has scored his first European goal for Liverpool in his 14th appearance in European competition for the Reds. Dink.

I grew up on players who could dink, swerve, dribble, shoot, score. Proper ketse players. Mahrez showed it all this season #3FM927


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does DINK stand for?
DINK stands for "Design Is Nifty Kids".
How to abbreviate "Design Is Nifty Kids"?
"Design Is Nifty Kids" can be abbreviated as DINK.
What is the meaning of DINK abbreviation?
The meaning of DINK abbreviation is "Design Is Nifty Kids".
What is DINK abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DINK is "Design Is Nifty Kids".
What does DINK mean?
DINK as abbreviation means "Design Is Nifty Kids".
What is shorthand of Design Is Nifty Kids?
The most common shorthand of "Design Is Nifty Kids" is DINK.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DINK in term.