What does CTR mean?

CTR means Center for Telecommunications Research

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What is the abbreviation for Center for Telecommunications Research?

Center for Telecommunications Research can be abbreviated as CTR
What does CTR mean? It stands for Center for Telecommunications Research
CTR - Center for Telecommunications Research in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CTR

.@WaterfrontVIC Did you get $ from @realdonaldtrump's Fdn? They reported giving $500 to "Waterfront Ctr" in NY, but didnt. Maybe meant you?

Since the election..a spike in reports of hate incidents to Southern Poverty Law Ctr

.@Backlinko says CTR is definitely used in Google's organic results to boost or depress rankings & has loads of examples #digitalzone

Fought til the very end & somehow came out on top. Love coaching this team! Thx to our fans who made their presence felt in the Verizon Ctr!

Police are working with ODOT and Moda officials. They will expedite traffic leaving the Moda Ctr following the Blazer game.

This is a sketch of the man who raped a woman Thur @ Hamilton Creek Recreation Ctr. Have info? 615-742-7463

Climate is 1 of the biggest post-Trump fears. This post (from Carbon Tax Ctr) offers a good perspective.

Bautista and Edwin due up in the 9th. Could be their final ABs at Rogers Ctr as #BlueJays

HRC vows to curb "influence of big $" but her CTR superpac collects $6 mill violating election laws, says watchdog

Final UVA Ctr. for Politics forecast predicts a Clinton election w/322 electoral votes to Trump's 216

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Today in 2011: "Spirit of Tuskegee" arrived at Dulles Airport & taxied to Udvar-Hazy Ctr:

Triple Threat Daniels vs Matt Jackson vs Sabin #ReloadedTour 7pm Kenan Ctr #Lockport

Field hockey: Cox vs. First Colonial, 3 pm Friday at the Regional Training Ctr in VB for the 6A South Region title.

I'm live on @PBS' Facebook page talking about #NatBookFest. Come join us at the Washington Convention Ctr.

#BREAKING: #SWAT arrives at #SF Civic Ctr as standoff continues w/ possibly armed man. Check @CornellBarnard + @abc7newsbayarea for updates.

Very top of Trail Ridge Rd temporarily closed due to snow. #COwx #COTraf @RockyNPS (Pic: Alpine Visitor Ctr webcam)

So I have to LOL at how the IBD Poll (most accurate poll in 2012) has all the CTR trolls in denial-damage-control mode because Trump=WINNING

TODAY! #AirandScare16 at our #UdvarHazy Ctr in VA - 11 am to 5 pm: Spons. by @MarsGlobal

MORE: 3 women transported to Univ. Medical Ctr. Breckenridge in Austin with serious, but non-life-threatening injuries. #Austin #Breaking


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What does CTR stand for?
CTR stands for "Center for Telecommunications Research".
How to abbreviate "Center for Telecommunications Research"?
"Center for Telecommunications Research" can be abbreviated as CTR.
What is the meaning of CTR abbreviation?
The meaning of CTR abbreviation is "Center for Telecommunications Research".
What is CTR abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CTR is "Center for Telecommunications Research".
What does CTR mean?
CTR as abbreviation means "Center for Telecommunications Research".
What is shorthand of Center for Telecommunications Research?
The most common shorthand of "Center for Telecommunications Research" is CTR.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CTR in term.