What does CMF mean?

CMF means Count My Fingers

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What is the abbreviation for Count My Fingers?

Count My Fingers can be abbreviated as CMF
What does CMF mean? It stands for Count My Fingers
CMF - Count My Fingers in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CMF

Screenshot: Following us on Facebook & Instagram. Following us on Spotify & Sharing CMF for a chance to win tickets & Tshirts #WeAreTiders

ATENCION CHILE: Voy a estar el 6 de noviembre en Parque Padre Hurtado CMF :D Ahi te espero!!

My favorite kinda switches every show, just depending on the show, right now I have been loving CMF and trouble

SAFs teams were great: - FWDs giving depth - Ws moving inside - Great use of layoffs - Well timed runs from CMF

#OpAtalanta & @CMF_Bahrain counter-piracy partners in Gulf of Aden. Thanks to @JMSDF_PAO Suzutsuki for warm welcome!

So excited to be giving out 7 scholarships through my Crescent Moon Foundation at the @Angels game tonight! #CMF

#OpAtalanta's Spanish & @CMF_Bahrain's Japanese MPRA fly together over Gulf of Aden to protect maritime-security.

#OpAtalanta pleased to host Japanese officers & counter-piracy partners from @CMF_Bahrain CTF151 aboard HNLMS Tromp.

Rumbo a Santiago de Chile Po Weon! La wea cuatica! A montar el show CMF

Spanish & Japanese warships on exercise together - #OpAtalanta & @CMF_Bahrain keeping seas free from #Somali pirates

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Cuando me presento en el CMF

Pasen fotos que hayan tomado en el CMF que ni nos tomaron fotos en el evento jajajaja

Just don't understand the continuing DeLeon/CMF experiment as Acosta sits on the bench. Oh by the way, it's now 3-0. #dcu

Zombers!!! @lulunaninu02 lo siento pero no me avisaron aun, ya dije que no creo que vaya al cmf...

A proven naval #team @RCN_MRC & @Australian_Navy shoulder to shoulder @CMF_Bahrain #article

Nick DeLeon battling illness, probably leaves D.C. United w/out CMF tandem. (Sarvas suspended) Luciano Acosta to return to lineup?


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does CMF stand for?
CMF stands for "Count My Fingers".
How to abbreviate "Count My Fingers"?
"Count My Fingers" can be abbreviated as CMF.
What is the meaning of CMF abbreviation?
The meaning of CMF abbreviation is "Count My Fingers".
What is CMF abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CMF is "Count My Fingers".
What does CMF mean?
CMF as abbreviation means "Count My Fingers".
What is shorthand of Count My Fingers?
The most common shorthand of "Count My Fingers" is CMF.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CMF in term.