What does BW mean?

BW means Beautiful Woman

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What is the abbreviation for Beautiful Woman?

Beautiful Woman can be abbreviated as BW
What does BW mean? It stands for Beautiful Woman
BW - Beautiful Woman in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BW

If you are a Black female, Do NOT walk anywhere by yourself. There have been several incidents of racist Trump supporters attacking BW

Always training... sometimes posting... 80lbs, 40lbs, BW #DoTheWork #MidnightWorkout @DeFrancosGym @StephMcMahon

Now that lawmakers actually recognize that BW are paid significantly less than WM, what are they going to DO about it? #BlackWomensEqualPay

Trump can quickly, dramatically transform US immigration policy, even without Congress My story in new issue of @BW

Funny, interesting interview bw legendary @MatWhitecross and lovely @edibow PH

And you know why/how it's Misogynior (specific hatred/violence toward BW), none of her other Ghostbusters castmates r dealing w/ this.

SWS White women and gay white MEN will use #WomensEqualityDay to do photo ops & memes with BW, and get FUNDING, but don't share it with BW

Why the loonies in the media are after ONLY artists, when the trade, communication, travel diplomacy bw India & Pakistan is as usual? (1/5)

The co-main event!! Former BW champ @RenanBaraoUFC takes on @PhillipeNover at #UFCBrasilia!!

The #UFC205 action starts w/ a BW clash LIVE on @UFCFightPass! @IamGirlrilla vs @BlondeFighter

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India must recalibrate China strategy at Xi-Modi bilateral in Goa on Sat at BRICS summit. My BW column #NSG #Azhar

Quit looking to BP, particularly BW to 'save' this country when this country hates us every chance it gets. No, this was not Obama's fault.

Artists are the underdogs, can be bullied easily. The flights, bus services, trade, bw India & Pakistan isn't shaking your patriotism? (2/5)

Besabriyaan , kind of tells my story too when I was juggling bw engineering and performing arts

Folks looking at Michelle to 'save' them just like Dems were looking to Black Ppl (BW) to save them. We showed up. DT still won.

In @BW's election issue: Donald Trump's data team saw a different America (and got it right)

India uplifted 14 Crore people out of poverty bw 2004-2014. That's 75% of Pakistan's population. So for Modi, we win despite losing.. (2/3)

Here's @BW's annual ranking of full-time U.S. MBA programs. @HarvardHBS is the clear No. 1

...HOUSE. Shot her and her child. But you know, who cares about BW? Even in our own community? Ppl were using the same "logic" racists...


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does BW stand for?
BW stands for "Beautiful Woman".
How to abbreviate "Beautiful Woman"?
"Beautiful Woman" can be abbreviated as BW.
What is the meaning of BW abbreviation?
The meaning of BW abbreviation is "Beautiful Woman".
What is BW abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BW is "Beautiful Woman".
What does BW mean?
BW as abbreviation means "Beautiful Woman".
What is shorthand of Beautiful Woman?
The most common shorthand of "Beautiful Woman" is BW.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BW in term.