What does EGO mean?

EGO means Everyones Got One

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What is the abbreviation for Everyones Got One?

Everyones Got One can be abbreviated as EGO
What does EGO mean? It stands for Everyones Got One
EGO - Everyones Got One in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having EGO

In life, there's no place for pride, arrogance & ego. We all have the same end result. We have to return to the Almighty. No one is spared.

Real question is whether Comey gonna admit he screwed up w/ his vagueness & fix the mess he made, or let his ego damage public rep of @FBI.

My ego is in check Emma. I am very appreciative that the American people decided to stop the country's decline.

To salvage his ego from the brunt of his impending defeat, Trump is willing to incite a race war.

Trump showed once again that this race is and has always been about his ego.

In the whip with my mom bumpin ego death

Of course @FrankLuntz knows these samples are bullsh*t but he can't admit it because he is now ego-committed to Trump losing.

Your ego is so cool....said no one ever

More evidence that this election is all about his damn ego and not the rest of the USA.

If @FrankLuntz being wrong this cycle was money, I could pay my mortgage with his words. He is ego-committed to trump losing.

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Dasha Hara. The destruction of 10 bad tendencies in you. Led by Ahankar. The Ego. Celebrate and think about it #HappyDussehra

This is not an ego battle. I humbly appeal again to the Govt at the Centre. Save the common people from more suffering,and the country 1/4

I will never understand the ego of humans that allows them to treat ANIMALS so poorly I assure u that if they all go we will be soon follow

The ego, when tempered by the guidance of a well-nurtured spirit is an excellent source of guidance.

The fear of death comes from the construct of the ego self. Consciousness itself as ground of experience is not subject to birth or death

I'm sure he'll contain that brittle vindictive ego if he ever actually gets elec.. oh hang on

I just spent two days with him in Dallas. He's among the most ego-less, kindest "stars" I've met in this business.

MSN election: "Trump is all ego and won't listen to his own advisors!" MSM now: "Trump is going to be controlled by his evil advisors!"

Donald Trump is a man in thrall to ego, not policy, writes @FrankBruni


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What does EGO stand for?
EGO stands for "Everyones Got One".
How to abbreviate "Everyones Got One"?
"Everyones Got One" can be abbreviated as EGO.
What is the meaning of EGO abbreviation?
The meaning of EGO abbreviation is "Everyones Got One".
What is EGO abbreviation?
One of the definitions of EGO is "Everyones Got One".
What does EGO mean?
EGO as abbreviation means "Everyones Got One".
What is shorthand of Everyones Got One?
The most common shorthand of "Everyones Got One" is EGO.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word EGO in term.