What does CHAOS mean?

CHAOS means Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome

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What is the abbreviation for Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome?

Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome can be abbreviated as CHAOS
What does CHAOS mean? It stands for Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome
CHAOS - Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CHAOS

have u ever felt extreme chaos while also feeling extreme calmness all at the same time? that's how I feel

If Trump wins, his supporters & third-party "protest voters" own the consequences. No blaming Obama when markets collapse and chaos ensues.

Thankful for @NCSHP troopers kneeling in prayer before going out in the chaos of the #CharlotteProtests.

NYTimes reports Trump in chaos as world leaders have no way to reach him. Meanwhile back in reality, Trump lauded for Russia/China calls.

The response 2 the news of Trumps dealings in Cuba shows his campaign is in chaos and shares his disdain for facts.

IMHO "Trump transition in chaos" is a better story for him than "Trump pick for job has views you will find horrifying."

Michael Moore, in deep denial, promises anti-Trump chaos

Do not be afraid of change or chaos. Embrace it by being as fluid as possible.

Clinton lies again that we can vet people from Syria - a country that is in chaos.

Final images of black joy amidst chaos. Courage in the midst of pain. Music by @Common. Thx for joining #Watch13th!

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the magnitude of Black Money is such huge that its powerful 'owners' would love to create chaos & Bloodbath. for them its do & die!

on the other hand @ZeeNews interviews another common man Subhash chandra who calls the #DeMonetisation chaos a JNU generated controversy.

Amid all the Brexit & Trump chaos, UK parliament has approved sweeping new surveillance powers: #ipbill

The kingdom was in trouble so they called the king, chaos broke loose as they got no ring. @Clayster

Here in the Toronto airport and it's chaos. They've replaced waiters with iPads and now the iPads are upgrading to iOS 10 on their own.

Will the government fight to keep Britain in the Single Market? The alternative is many years of chaos for our key export industries #ldconf

Rome's mayor, elected as a "non-politician" and lauded for her inexperience, has plunged the city into chaos

Voters decided they had no desire to sustain President Obama's legacy: Democratic losses and party chaos.

The supposed chaos of the transition is no accident but a way for Trump to break free from rules. .


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does CHAOS stand for?
CHAOS stands for "Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome".
How to abbreviate "Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome"?
"Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome" can be abbreviated as CHAOS.
What is the meaning of CHAOS abbreviation?
The meaning of CHAOS abbreviation is "Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome".
What is CHAOS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CHAOS is "Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome".
What does CHAOS mean?
CHAOS as abbreviation means "Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome".
What is shorthand of Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome?
The most common shorthand of "Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome" is CHAOS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CHAOS in term.