What does BFD mean?

BFD means Big Friggin Deal

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What is the abbreviation for Big Friggin Deal?

Big Friggin Deal can be abbreviated as BFD
What does BFD mean? It stands for Big Friggin Deal
BFD - Big Friggin Deal in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BFD

This is a BFD. You all did this. YOU DID THIS! But our work is not over yet... #Eyewitness

Whatever your politics, a woman winning a major party's presidential nomination is a BFD:

This is what the Vice President would call a BFD

I remember how BFD this anti-redlining victory against Nationwide that Tim Kaine won was.

.@JoeBiden with @MomsDemand volunteers today in Pennsylvania #gunsense #BFD

The power to decide if and when to get pregnant is a BFD. Join me and Bedsider in saying #ThxBirthControl today.

The fair housing case Kaine won was a BFD if you recall.

Isn't quite a thing to actually grab women by their vajayjays? #sayingvsdoing #BFD

In case you missed it: @HillaryClinton's nomination is a BFD!!!!!!!!!!

Clinton makes BFD joke in tweet about Biden endorsment

More Comments with BFD...

I actually really don't want us to take this for granted. This is a BFD and I'm glad I'm here to see it.

Should we start revealing some of these iBUYPOWER Black Friday deals? #BFD

Politics is getting less predictable. That's a BFD.

Sorry to rain on DNC parade, but Obama silence as Assad & co. commit war crimes is a BFD.

Now a "BFD" joke from Hillary

17/11 0440hrs Barkerend, Bfd. Vehicle FTS, finally stopped and two detained, after a slight footchase @WYP_RPU too quick for them.

THIS is a BFD!!!!

thanks for the awesome night ventura! always so great. heading up the coast to santa cruz to hit the catalyst tonight, then the live105 BFD

Kinda feels like a BFD but Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does BFD stand for?
BFD stands for "Big Friggin Deal".
How to abbreviate "Big Friggin Deal"?
"Big Friggin Deal" can be abbreviated as BFD.
What is the meaning of BFD abbreviation?
The meaning of BFD abbreviation is "Big Friggin Deal".
What is BFD abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BFD is "Big Friggin Deal".
What does BFD mean?
BFD as abbreviation means "Big Friggin Deal".
What is shorthand of Big Friggin Deal?
The most common shorthand of "Big Friggin Deal" is BFD.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BFD in term.