What does WYS mean?

WYS means Whatever You Say

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for Whatever You Say?

Whatever You Say can be abbreviated as WYS
What does WYS mean? It stands for Whatever You Say
WYS - Whatever You Say in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having WYS

57' "I've got it covered." -Kelsey Wys on the WNY corner, probz. #WASvWNY #NWSLChampionship

114' Chaos in front of the net cleared by Oyster followed by more chaos ended by a Wys save. We're so close, come on #Spiritfam! #WASvWNY

14' Mewis sends a ball to the lower right corner just out of reach for a diving Wys to bring the score to 1-1 #WASvWNY

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116' Wys is forced off her line leaving an open net and a WNY opportunity. The Spirit backline gels together to hinder a WNY attack #WASvWNY

5' WNY attempt to score with a shot from the top of the box but Wys collects.... how very Wys of her #WASvWNY

52' McDonald is 1 v 1 with Wys in the box and sends a ball back towards the top of the box looking for a teammate but Spirit clears #WASvWNY

Williams tricks Wys and puts it past the keeper! Huster will go next for Washington.

After MLB on @FS1, the #NWSL final starts. Spirit XI: Wys, Dydasco, Zadorsky, Oyster, Krieger, Huster, Nairn, Church, Banini, Ordega, Dunn

Gooi n soogdier op die vuur vandag, wys jou vinger na n vegetarier en lag uit jou maag uit vir hom, want vandag eet ons vleis. Gaan groot

More Comments with WYS...

60' Diving save Wys! She denies a powerful header from Gilliland at close range to keep the score 1-0 in favor of Washington #WASvCHI

Looking forward to seeing @mornesteyn back in the @Springboks jersey ! #legend ! Sterkte my Tjom !! Wys hulle !

Watch me on the #BuskerApp: no WYS tonight cuz of election

120' Williams tries a cross into the box, but it doesn't have enough juice on it. Wys scoops it up #WASvWNY

But wait there's more! Vote for Kelsey Wys for NWSL Save of the Week! #SOWWys

93' Mewis with a rocket off of a tap pass from Smith but Wys makes the save

Where is Wys going on that cross? Now has opportunity to be hero in PKs. #NWSLChampionship

Kom @LionsRugbyUnion wys wie is Koning van SA Rugby @WarrenWhiteley #SSRugby

Convoy of 80-100 trucks have just left Rocklea & will be travelling on Ipswich, Centenary, Logan, Gateway and Port of Bris M'wys #bnetraffic


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does WYS stand for?
WYS stands for "Whatever You Say".
How to abbreviate "Whatever You Say"?
"Whatever You Say" can be abbreviated as WYS.
What is the meaning of WYS abbreviation?
The meaning of WYS abbreviation is "Whatever You Say".
What is WYS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of WYS is "Whatever You Say".
What does WYS mean?
WYS as abbreviation means "Whatever You Say".
What is shorthand of Whatever You Say?
The most common shorthand of "Whatever You Say" is WYS.