What does 2NITE mean?

2NITE means Tonight

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for Tonight?

Tonight can be abbreviated as 2NITE
Other shorthands for Tonight are: 2NTE, TNGT, 2NT, 2nyt
What does 2NITE mean? It stands for Tonight
What does 2NITE mean? - Definition of 2NITE - 2NITE stands for Tonight. By AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having 2NITE

Thank you FL 4 coming out 2nite... it was amazing!! #gohillary #strongertogether #vote #lovetrumpshate #letsgetloud

#SuperMoonDay in more ways than one! can't wait 2 c the #SuperMoon 2nite & can't wait for #TeenWolfSeason6 TOMORROW! IT'S ALMOST HERE! #TWS6

No pressure on the Chicago or Cleveland columnists, but the column you write 2nite will hang over sports bar urinals forever and ever.

Twitter I gave u no luv 2nite just IG...I'm sorry...Here I come London! Tough loss 2nite! SD Live in Glasgow! Total Bellas tomorrow night! N

Where my @LittleMix fans at? U said u wanted me 2 play #ShoutOutToMyEx, so its in #TweetOrDelete 2nite! Go on @1079TheEnd & RT when u see it

In #Philly now looking 2 follow any anti-Trump protests this afternoon/2nite 4 a story. If u know of anything going on lemme know? Plz share

renderin vid 4 2nite, typin kwel 2 stay hip wid da yunginz

The @DearEvanHansen Broadway invited final dress is 2nite and will only happen once in this lifetime and I just wanted to say that out loud.

TUNE IN: 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' premieres 2nite at 7ET! #tucker #tuckercarlson

Canopy Club 2nite at U of I #theyforgot

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My opinion only ... if the #Cubs win 2nite .. Ross has to catch EVERY game left. Contreras overmatched at the plate. Me wants David Ross.

RT if this gave you one spook ~ happy halloweens from @channelzerosyfy but stay say 2nite and dont get fear

It's w/heavy heart I call the @PelicansNBA game 2nite. I lost my Dad James Kelley today. I hope I can honor him with a solid night's work.

put in work 2nite, sTp

Saw #tinybeautifulthings @PublicTheaterNY 2nite. Wonderful work. Was honored 2 sit next to @CherylStrayed. Art inspiring art inspiring art.

Obviously we have to wish the family @Raptors good luck 2nite on their home opener! Excited for another year! #RTZ

wHos cHeckin out @ScHoolBoyQ 2nite... we @ #CampFlogGnaw #TDE 11PM

Excited to be on @JimmyKimmelLive 2nite! Last time was cool #prop64

MacBook Party 2nite!!! With @peprosenfeld at @TheNextWeb. We will review the event live via Facebook...


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does 2NITE stand for?
2NITE stands for "Tonight".
How to abbreviate "Tonight"?
"Tonight" can be abbreviated as 2NITE.
What is the meaning of 2NITE abbreviation?
The meaning of 2NITE abbreviation is "Tonight".
What is 2NITE abbreviation?
One of the definitions of 2NITE is "Tonight".
What does 2NITE mean?
2NITE as abbreviation means "Tonight".
What is shorthand of Tonight?
The most common shorthand of "Tonight" is 2NITE.