What does POOS mean?


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What is the abbreviation for FIRST WORD 'IN BOOTS'?

FIRST WORD 'IN BOOTS' can be abbreviated as POOS
What does POOS mean? It stands for FIRST WORD `IN BOOTS`
POOS - FIRST WORD `IN BOOTS` in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having POOS

I'll choose Cruz for any booze cruise as long as he chews poos cuz the boo's prove this ruse was a lose/lose. #news

Coming back for u, USA. Japan has been a life changing trip for me. Hard to leave.. But now it's time to get back to my record. And my poos.

THIS IS IMPORTANT. When you do your poo poos, do you wipe:

Mum horrified after woman 'squats and POOS' in B&M Bargains' car park

Official launch of "Policeemon OhOh" is today in Stoon. We'll be collecting Tiki-Poos. Who's first ? #SlowDownYXE

French Olympic walker poos himself mid-race but carries on like a boss

Man squats down, poos in supermarket, then steals tissue from shelf to clean up

Obama poo-poos @WSJ Iran cash story. "We were completely open with everybody about it. It's interesting to me how this became a story again"

eNCA | Indonesian toilet cafe poo-poos taboos

Two poos close two Brum pools in two months!!

More Comments with POOS...

Off to sleepy poos now but looking forward to seeing who's up for experimenting with me at when I wake up! Xx

Catching up on the eating trial on @imacelebrity and as an IBS sufferer, I'm wondering what kind of poos they had after that.

You know you're unlucky when a) You are a snail, and b) A bird poos on you. Stay safe.

It's one of life's big questions: Why do wombats do cube-shaped poos?

British government poo-poos "Boaty McBoatface," the super-fun name the public picked for super-serious science ship.

If you're ever feeling a bit poos, the best things are, have a good/long hug/cuddle, spend time with people who...

Bloke poos and wees in police car after telling officers he'd been speeding to use the loo

Suspect 'dying for the loo' poos and pees in police car after speeding arrest

'Drunk man strips naked in supermarket and POOS on self-service checkout counter'


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does POOS stand for?
POOS stands for "FIRST WORD 'IN BOOTS'".
How to abbreviate "FIRST WORD 'IN BOOTS'"?
"FIRST WORD 'IN BOOTS'" can be abbreviated as POOS.
What is the meaning of POOS abbreviation?
The meaning of POOS abbreviation is "FIRST WORD 'IN BOOTS'".
What is POOS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of POOS is "FIRST WORD 'IN BOOTS'".
What does POOS mean?
POOS as abbreviation means "FIRST WORD 'IN BOOTS'".
What is shorthand of FIRST WORD 'IN BOOTS'?
The most common shorthand of "FIRST WORD 'IN BOOTS'" is POOS.