What does PJ mean?

PJ means Persian John

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What is the abbreviation for Persian John?

Persian John can be abbreviated as PJ
What does PJ mean? It stands for Persian John
PJ - Persian John in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having PJ

Drizzy welcomed @drose and young PJ Rose onto the stage in NY (via @Drake) VIDEO:

At the buzzer! PJ Dozier catches & shoots in mid-air to lift South Carolina over Monmouth.

@lucyisaabel obvs kept that far too important as a pj top

#Saints CB PJ Williams suffered a concussion yesterday after being kneed in the head, but the belief is he escaped without a spine injury.

@pj_reed_407 False. The emails WikiLeaks has released are pristine. The claim relates to non-emails (PDFs) coming from the Hill/Gawker/SG

"Quiero ver en el Congreso a cada afiliado del PJ actuar en consecuencia con el peronismo que declaman" M. Kirchner

Agent Deryk Gilmore told @JosinaAnderson that PJ Williams is getting "a CT scan right now (at hospital), but he can feel his extremities."

Very scary scene at Giants/saints game. PJ Williams being strapped to a stabilizing board. Players on both teams very distressed

Five-star forward PJ Washington just verbally committed to Kentucky.

Si Kuya PJ, yung mukha niya parang pang artistahin - MayMay #PBBThisIsMe

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.@hcapriles: Maduro persigue a PJ en Margarita para meter miedo

Kentucky now moves to No. 6 in Scout's 2017 recruiting class rankings with commitments from PJ Washington & Nick Richards today.

South Carolina wins on a catch-and-shoot buzzer-beater from PJ Dozier, who shot it without touching the ground:

How many PJ posters are in your collection? #PearlJam

When I don't go to cons.. I revert to a pj wearing introvert who only opens the front door to see if my Amazon packages have arrived.

Dubai. Where victims are jailed. BBC News - British woman 'arrested in Dubai after reporting gang rape' @PJ_Parham

See Minister Lai borrowing 13m to go to China, with 6 escort cars at his beck and Call. See Buhari's kids in First Class. Buhari self in PJ.

Yummmmm!! I couldn't wait!!! Popeyes on the PJ!!! Cheat day but it's so worth it!!!

Guanipa denuncia que el gobierno prepara franelas de PJ para crear violencia


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does PJ stand for?
PJ stands for "Persian John".
How to abbreviate "Persian John"?
"Persian John" can be abbreviated as PJ.
What is the meaning of PJ abbreviation?
The meaning of PJ abbreviation is "Persian John".
What is PJ abbreviation?
One of the definitions of PJ is "Persian John".
What does PJ mean?
PJ as abbreviation means "Persian John".
What is shorthand of Persian John?
The most common shorthand of "Persian John" is PJ.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word PJ in term.