What does IO mean?

IO means In Our

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for In Our?

In Our can be abbreviated as IO
What does IO mean? It stands for In Our
IO - In Our in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having IO

It's 3:20am. As good a time as any to tweet about national service.

Donald Trump said he has "great respect" for women. His actions and words say otherwise.

While Trump's Atlantic City casinos posted $66 million in losses, he paid himself a $5 million bonus.

With just 4 days until Election Day, Hillary is in Ohio with @S_C_, @ChanceTheRapper, @JColeNC, & more. Watch live:

Quinnipiac: Race Tightens in Colorado as Trump Gains Among White College-Educated Voters via @WeeklyStandard

In questo mese le mie udienze sono sospese, ma io non smetto di pregare per voi; e voi, per favore, pregate per me!

Tutti riescono a trovare soldi, anima gemella e amici giusti. Io non trovo neanche la forza di alzarmi dal letto.

raga CHE concerto, io ne voglio ancora..

Lui mi diceva cose serie e io lo screenshoottavo. @RudyZerbi SEI UNICO

La notte porta consiglio. Io vorrei che portasse soldi, fidanzato e fisico perfetto.

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"The reactions of many Americans to the Trump victory is a symptom of their political immaturity." - @malaak_c

By and large, LGBTQ youths feel rejected by a nation that voted for a man who doesn't accept them

"Le persone usano la musica per fuggire dai dolori vissuti" Io mi ascolto sempre Adele: devo dire che fuggo proprio nella direzione giusta.


Donald Trump is closer than ever to clinching the GOP nomination. There's only one candidate who has more votes.

Latest Istanbul toll: 5 dead (including bomber), 36 injured (seven seriously)

Avete spento le luci stasera? Io le ho riaccese ora! #oradellaterra

Remember when we played Agar.io? Time to find out who betrayed me in the worst way!!

At least 28 dead, 75 injured in Ankara after strong explosion struck Turkish capital


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What does IO stand for?
IO stands for "In Our".
How to abbreviate "In Our"?
"In Our" can be abbreviated as IO.
What is the meaning of IO abbreviation?
The meaning of IO abbreviation is "In Our".
What is IO abbreviation?
One of the definitions of IO is "In Our".
What does IO mean?
IO as abbreviation means "In Our".
What is shorthand of In Our?
The most common shorthand of "In Our" is IO.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word IO in term.