What does CCW mean?

CCW means Cute Crush Wednesday

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What is the abbreviation for Cute Crush Wednesday?

Cute Crush Wednesday can be abbreviated as CCW
What does CCW mean? It stands for Cute Crush Wednesday
CCW - Cute Crush Wednesday in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CCW

No training, no background check, no permit CCW would be a step back for public safety. Today I vetoed #SB656

Most recent NAM-WRF 4-km (10-meter wind) animation ... #Hermine CCW loop very concerning for coast ... massive!

Dissent in Peruta says majority constructed an "elaborate straw man" in order to uphold CA CCW law.

Thanks #2A => CCW Holder Drops Gunman Robbing Family Dollar Store

#Joplin police chief agrees: #CCW training requirements & background checks help keep Missourians safe #SB656 #moleg

Missouri sheriff temporarily waives CCW fees

Assembly democrats just passed bill to limit CCW permits, by making them too expensive to get. #2A MM

Florida expedites 50,000 CCW permits for military, vets

Avoidance. Then running. Then CCW. Then jiu-jitsu/boxing/wrestling/Muay Thai.

ALERT: CCW instructors indicted for shooting death of Kay Jay Gun Shop owner James Baker during June class - MORE: @WCPO.com #LiveAlert

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Please follow @BanKillerRobots & campaigners tweeting this #CCWUN meeting on killer robots:

#BREAKING Kingsburg High District Board votes to allow CCW permit staff to carry guns on campus

Florida dropping CCW costs for its 1.5 million carriers

Would this keep out guys who have been given a bail license but could t qualify to get a ccw ? @Bob_Nonini @AbbyLeeForIdaho @marvhagedorn

Practice makes perfect #ccw I'd love to work for the @SecretService you never know

You ever shot a chicken bean burrito ? I can say I have now #Ccw

Happy Mother's Day to the one and only CCW! Love you!!

One day of training for CCW holders wasn't much, but it was a day more than zero. #fgs

Ohio becomes 25th state to accept CCW in lieu of Brady checks when buying guns


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What does CCW stand for?
CCW stands for "Cute Crush Wednesday".
How to abbreviate "Cute Crush Wednesday"?
"Cute Crush Wednesday" can be abbreviated as CCW.
What is the meaning of CCW abbreviation?
The meaning of CCW abbreviation is "Cute Crush Wednesday".
What is CCW abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CCW is "Cute Crush Wednesday".
What does CCW mean?
CCW as abbreviation means "Cute Crush Wednesday".
What is shorthand of Cute Crush Wednesday?
The most common shorthand of "Cute Crush Wednesday" is CCW.