What does A4 mean?

A4 means afford

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What is the abbreviation for afford?

afford can be abbreviated as A4
What does A4 mean? It stands for afford
A4 - afford in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having A4

Let's see how long they can keep the A4 shut so they can mop up a bit of diesel.

Review: 2017 Audi A4 driver assistance

Trova l'intruso. @ Autostrada A4 Torino-Milano

VIDEO: Un padre furioso destruye el Audi A4 de su hija para castigarla

Want a 2017 @Audi A4 with a manual transmission? Today's your lucky day.

.@POTUS A4 when corps don't have to disclose political spending, they can exert influence over gov't with no accountability. #NoSecretMoney

Iedereen op de A4, houd aub rechts aan. Wij passeren even met haast via de linker baan

Audi wasn't kidding when they named the tall A4 wagon the 'Allroad.'

@bqreaders los Aquaris X5 Plus, gama U y A4.5, en el primer trimestre de 2017; Aquaris X5, M5 y M5.5, segundo trimestre de 2017

Answers to #GoTrivia are as follows: A1. Elia Martell A2. Benjen Stark A3. Sigur Ros A4. Ramin Djawadi (1)

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Me? @crowdtappers A4) I want to voice a cartoon. I want to host a tv show. I want to learn the trapeze. #BoldPercent

Trudeau's trip to China gets prime real estate in Sunday's @nytimes A4. Though probably not what PMO was hoping for.

.@POTUS A4: By not disclosing $$, corporations can hide any lobbying efforts. We need more sunshine not less. #NoSecretMoney

2/2 Ziet u een Zwarte Audi A4 met kenteken JZ-912-G rijden? Bel dan 112.

Horse Guards Road is closed for 30 to load this tank It will then be escorted to the A316 via the A4 @TfLTrafficNews

Getuigen gezocht van vechtscheiding op de A4 tussen Den Haag en Leiden

Hearing Hameed so angry after that run-out he went into the pavilion and punched a small hole in a sheet of A4 paper

28. a4 The question for Karjakin is does he want Rooks off the board or on? #CarlsenKarjakin I would want Rooks on the board, easier hold

Sekarang tgh trend pinggang saiz kertas A4. Lepasni pinggang besar pensel pulak lah kot -->


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does A4 stand for?
A4 stands for "afford".
How to abbreviate "afford"?
"afford" can be abbreviated as A4.
What is the meaning of A4 abbreviation?
The meaning of A4 abbreviation is "afford".
What is A4 abbreviation?
One of the definitions of A4 is "afford".
What does A4 mean?
A4 as abbreviation means "afford".
What is shorthand of afford?
The most common shorthand of "afford" is A4.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word A4 in term.