What does .02 mean?

.02 means My two cents worth

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
Particularly in Texting Abbreviations
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What is the abbreviation for My two cents worth?

My two cents worth can be abbreviated as .02
Other shorthands for My two cents worth are: $0.02, MTCW
What does .02 mean? It stands for My two cents worth
What does .02 mean? - Definition of .02 - .02 stands for My two cents worth. By AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having .02

JYP Duet Match 3rd JUN. K & Baek A Yeon 2016.08.02

GOT7 "Let Me" Stage @ SBS Inkigayo 2016.10.02 Korea: #FLIGHTLOG #TURBULENCE

GOT7 "Let Me" Stage @ SBS Inkigayo 2016.10.02 Global: #FLIGHTLOG #TURBULENCE

09.02.16 Until then.. or the next reminder #FreeLunch

#Sultan - OVERSEAS [key markets] - after Week 3: USA-CANADA: $ 6.026 mn UAE-GCC: $ 8.311 mn UK-IRELAND: $ 2.230 mn PAKISTAN: $ 3.02 mn


Cheapest gas 1 Venezuela $0.02/gal 2 Kuwait $0.88 3 S Arabia $0.91 Most expensive 1 Hong Kong $7.12 2 Norway $6.53 3 Netherlands $6.33

#PSSday | Loket penjualan tiket di Stadion Maguwoharjo dibuka pukul 13.02 WIB. Hanya menyediakan tiket Merah, Biru dan Hijau.

Update Jam Tayang Hari Ini : 14.57 #ANANDHI122 17.55 #UTTARANEPS348 20.21 #ASHOKA359 21.31 #SUPERFAMILY100ANTV 22.02 #CANSUHAZAL2EPS21

Olympic Trials record for Dalilah Muhammad in 52.88!! @theTrackQueen 2nd in 54.02. Teenager Sydney McLaughlin 3rd in WJR 54.15! #TrackTown16

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This is wild. There are currently 3000 votes separating Labor and Coalition, on popular vote - 50.02% to 49.98%

Consumer Sentiments Index -30 Days Moving Average - India 100.10,Urban 100.23,Rural 100.02 as on 22 Jun 2016

Patch 1.02 is live on PS4 and Xbox One. We're downloading it in California. Notes:

#7thPayCommission to benefit over 1 Cr employees thru pay hikes via additional 1.02 lakh Cr Rupees in 2016-17 alone

RAY 2-1 RMA (HT) - El Madrid no gana en La Liga como visitante tras llegar al descanso con 1 gol de desventaja desde 23.02.2013 (en Riazor)

BJP's income increased by 44.02% to Rs 970.43 crore, mostly from unknown sources - Janta Ka Reporter

2016.04.02 YON FES photo by @takeshiyao

Ship To Wreck, live at @837NYC, 22.02.16

Gold makes up about 0.02 percent of human blood, so you would need about 40,000 people's blood in order to have enough gold to sell.


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What does .02 stand for?
.02 stands for "My two cents worth".
How to abbreviate "My two cents worth"?
"My two cents worth" can be abbreviated as .02.
What is the meaning of .02 abbreviation?
The meaning of .02 abbreviation is "My two cents worth".
What is .02 abbreviation?
One of the definitions of .02 is "My two cents worth".
What does .02 mean?
.02 as abbreviation means "My two cents worth".
What is shorthand of My two cents worth?
The most common shorthand of "My two cents worth" is .02.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word .02 in term.